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Amarok 2.x Scripts 48 comments

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Jul 19 2013
Hi Mudar,

I believe the correct URL is, right? I'll update the description.

Johannes - Jul 19 2013
I've published my git repository at for collaboration.

Does anyone know wether an KDE Apps project can have more than one maintainer?

Johannes - Apr 30 2011
Hey Dan,

thanks for the fix. I'm not really using this Amarok frontend anymore and therefore stopped updating it.

In case anyone is interested in maintaining it please contact me.

Johannes - Apr 17 2011
Hi Aubrey,

I'm glad you like it. Currently I don't have an Android phone for testing; this will probably change in 2-3 months. I'll look into it as soon as possible.

Johannes - Feb 12 2010
Hi Tris!

Thanks for the hint. Do you have any details regarding the 2.2.3 scripting API changes?

When I've some spare time I'll think of adding the rating feature.

Johannes - Jan 23 2010

> VERY good
> I find this extremely useful.


> Just one thing: am I stupid or there is no way to
> add just one track to the playlist? I sometimes
> don't want to add a whole album (in parties, for
> example).

Yes, you are right. Currently there is now way to add one specific track. I thought it might be a little cumbersome populating a playlist track by track with this web interface. I'll think of adding it in the next release when I have time.

Johannes - Jan 11 2010
Thanks for the feedback! In 0.3 I replaced the buttons as you suggested.

Johannes - Nov 05 2009
I'm glad you like it:)

[...] this script relies on having apache installed on the amarok machine.

Actually this is not a requirement. The webpages are delivered by a simple HTTP-Server whithin in the script.

The web pages look great on my wifes machine running chrome, not so pretty on my nix machine running firefox. But it works!

So far I optimized the web pages for my own needs, the iPhone browser. Since Safari (iPhone) and Chrome both rely on WebKit it's not surprising that they look better on Chrome than Firefox. Once I implemented the major functionality I'll think about adding a "theme" which suits most desktop browsers.

Johannes - Oct 31 2009
Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Hm, I'm not getting this error but I will upload a version with your suggested change since it fixes your problem.

Could you maybe tell me what version of Amarok and Qt you are using? And in the line you are referring to a string is concatenated with an QAbstractSocket (r[0]) and a string (r[1]):
Amarok.debug("Pending: Handling request (left: "+this.requestQueue.length+"): "+r[0]+" "+r[1]);

Since the leftmost argument already is a string (literal) I expected all the other arguments to be converted to a string automatically (as described in 11.6 in the ECMA spec But I'm relatively new to ECMA/JavaScript, so I'm glad if you/anyone can give me a hint.

Johannes - Oct 30 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 42 comments

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Jan 23 2011
I'm sorry for the late update.

In case you didn't update the plasmoid yourself already: The new version has the new texts. - Jan 23 2011
Thanks for the hint. I think I fixed the character encoding issue in 0.3.2, but I couldn't test it myself. If there's still a problem please let me know.

Johannes - Mar 15 2010
KDE 4.3.5 won't be released in Debian at all, so I can't test it myself. Could you start the plasmoid in a shell with the following command and tell me what output you get?

plasmoidviewer -c desktop losungen

Johannes - Mar 03 2010
Did you check, whether your system got updated to KDE 4.4? I got a few reports that the plasmoid crashes with the new KDE release. I will fix it when Debian is updating to KDE 4.4, which should be in the next few days.

Johannes - Mar 03 2010
You are right, I didn't check for the year yet. I added this with the texts for 2010 and your proposed error message.

Thanks for your suggestions! - Nov 09 2009
Thanks for the feedback!

> trying to instantiate PyKDE4.plasma.Plasma.TextBrowser
PyKDE4.plasma.Plasma.TextBrowser is part of (py)KDE since 4.3 and (K)Ubuntu 9.04 ships 4.2 (see
So you can either install KDE 4.3 packages for Jaunty which lack official support, or you wait for the Karmic release (which is supposed to be in 3 days).

> download for next years Losungen file
I did not implement it. So far I just planned to make a release with the new data.

> xml module [...] appeared to be a bit faster than using csv
I wouldn't expect much of a difference. And in case there is one, CSV should be faster since it only has to count newlines and split up one line, isn't it?

- Oct 26 2009
Yes, it's similar, but there are some differences. Losungen uses an offline source for the bible verses and the selection is from the Moravian Church (Herrnhuter Br├╝dergemeinde). In German-speaking countries this selection is well-known and quite popular. - Aug 31 2009