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Jeff Jordan , United States of America
Star Wars Sounds

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May 20 2008
I'll change that here in a couple of days... - Apr 09 2009
The reason that I put it as GPL is because these are my own arrangements, and since yes the original are copyrighted material and in order to actually make money off of my arrangements I would have to get a copyright of my own, I'll keep them as they are. These arangements were all done by ear and from memory, there was no sheet music or recordings used to make them. - May 20 2008
Creepy Sounds

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Jun 17 2008
lol, I was bored, and just wanted something different. I like playing with sounds and music, so I thought it was fun. - Jul 08 2008
Kirocker Music Display

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Dec 14 2007
Ok, I figured it out, I finally found the libs that I needed and then started getting a X error. Anyway, I just went into the Ubuntu repositories and install the entire KDE Dev package. It works great now. - Jun 16 2008
I'm getting an error when trying to configure this, I'm using Ubuntu, with KDE.

I get this:

configure:7057: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check
See `config.log' for more details.

any help would be great - Jun 16 2008
I'm getting an error when trying to configure this, I'm using Ubuntu, with KDE.

I get this:

configure:7057: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check
See `config.log' for more details.

any help would be great - Jun 16 2008

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Jun 01 2008
By the way, the reason that the processor part messes up on mine is because the computer that I'm using has a dual processor. - Jun 02 2008
This theme looks ok. I changed it to english and took out a few things (the processor information that always seems to be jumbled up to everything else in most of these monitor themes, for example). With those things gone it looked good on my computer. The biggest part that I like is the KDE icon. Although, the name makes it sound as if this is something that might be Kubuntu specific it is not. - Jun 02 2008
Another Menu Bar

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May 30 2008
If you look in the folder where you extracted the file there is a text file called license and instructions.
Basically to change the images, you just have to go in to the python file, and change the links there.

For example:


To change the first image, you would just change the first image file listed, in this case "images/home.png"
I put all of the images that I used in the images folder in the same directory just for simplicity. In order to make the bar look and work properly you need to resize your images to 40x40.

To change the program commands you have to go into the theme file and change the clickarea lines.

for example:

CLICKAREA X=25 Y=5 W=40 H=40 SENSOR=PROGRAM ONCLICK="kfmclient openProfile filemanagement"


On this part you only want to change the part that falls after the ONCLICK command. In the first click area command the onclick pulls up the file manager. The second clickarea command runs firefox. To change this you would just have to remove "firefox" and replace it with "your app".

It's important to keep in mind that the first clickarea command coincides with the first imagefile.

Hopefully that helps, good luck and have fun. - Jun 01 2008
I found it at Enjoy! - May 30 2008
KDE alternative logo

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May 31 2008
I've actually been looking for something similar to this. The only thing that I would recommend would be to remove the box around the icon. That would make it look a lot smoother.
- May 31 2008
My Kubuntu Desktop

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May 22 2008
Alright, so I made the modified version of KShutdown and never actually tried it out, thinking that maybe it would work. I spent about half of the day trying to get it to work with no success. I was mainly trying to make life easier for the Windows users that share this computer but anyway, I digress. My desktop is set up the same just minus the Kshutdown. - May 23 2008

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by Puli
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Apr 29 2017
This whole package is great. Awesome job. - May 20 2008

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May 19 2008
I'm not finding anything, if there's anyone that knows the command to open the kbfx menu that could help that would be great. - May 20 2008
No I do not, I haven't messed with the kbfx, but I'll see what I can do. - May 20 2008
I believe that I found the wallpaper on this site, but I looked through them for quite a while. - May 19 2008