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Oct 12 2009
Hi, I was pretty sure I replied to your post couple days ago, for some reason it didn't show up... or i didn't reply. Anyway, thank you for the comment, I'm glad the widget works.

I thought about adding a chart to the tooltip before, now that there's actually a request, I'll definitely do that.

The marker thing is an interesting idea, I'll definitely give it more thought, thought the data is delayed according to so an alarm would not reflect a current value.

Thanks again for suggestions. - Jan 30 2010
Sorry, there won't be one for a while. At the present I don't have a suitable machine to test or develop on. But there will be a fixed version eventually :) - Dec 15 2009
Noted, thank you. - Dec 09 2009
1. That's true, I'm using Qt's QNetworkAccessManager for connections.
2. I'll see about using KDE libs instead of Qt for next version.
3. I'll think about it. Right now you can just flip translucency, but it's still pretty noticable.

BTW, the new version could take a while because my machine decided to die and take my development environment with it, so if any devs are interested in implementing these suggestions, that would be great.

Thanks for suggestions! - Nov 10 2009
Thanks you.
You can change the size in source files.

src/quotesee.cpp:84, 85
setMinimumSize(270, 100);
setPreferredSize(270, 100);

these two lines set the minimum and prefered size for the widget, first parameter is minimum width, second minimum height, parameters need to be integer type


sets the minimum width for the stock item, takes integer parameter.

Maybe next version I'll have it so user can resize the widget at runtime ;) - Nov 10 2009
Awesome, thanks! - Oct 16 2009
Thanks a bunch :) - Oct 16 2009
Thank you! - Oct 06 2009
That's a ridiculous... feature... you bet I'll fix it :) - Oct 06 2009
Sweet, thank you! I'll do an Arch installation over weekend. - Sep 04 2009
There's not really a debug mode, you could run it from terminal with:

plasmoidviewer plasma_applet_quotesee

There may be some debug/warning messages that get output.
Let me know if you see anything.
Thanks! - Sep 02 2009
You may need to wait a bit ~1 minute for the engine to grab the data and for the applet to update it the first time (after a reboot for example), though it should happen much quicker. Another thing I could suggest is that it's some kind of network error. Entering a wrong symbol may also have this effect, but if they work with Stock Quote, that's probably not it. Other than this, I'm not sure, but I'll look more into this. - Sep 01 2009
Yeah, I just tested that and you're right. I moved on to v0.2. If you're not terrified it'll crash your desktop, you could install that version. It works for me, otherwise I'm not getting any feedback on how many installations the applet actually works on with no problem, so it's kinda hard to judge how safe this is ;) - Aug 14 2009
Unfortunately, I can't replicate any crashes, I've tested on 4 different distros...
Is this also after adding symbols? - Aug 14 2009
I'm getting OpenSUSE and updating a Mandriva installation, will post an update when I figure out what's wrong.
Just to make sure, after configuration is after you enter some stock symbols and press ok? - Aug 11 2009
Thank you as well :) - Aug 11 2009
Thank you, I'll add this to the description :) - Jul 24 2009
No problem, I'm glad it works. - Apr 26 2009
Looks like you need libplasma-dev. You can also try kdelibs5-dev. - Apr 24 2009
Whoa! Thanks, I'll investigate. - Mar 28 2009