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ubuntu / ximian gdm

GDM Themes by andyk 3 comments

nice. - Aug 27 2005
Baghira 0.6 for Slackware

KDE 3.5 Themes by rgeber 9 comments

Why would you even want KDE to look like OSX? even if it did.. its not going to work like OSX.

Why not just go buy a Mac? - Sep 27 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

Why are people bending over backwards on trying to make KDE look like OSX? Its almost impossable to copy, but even if you did.. KDE STILL wouldent work like OSX.

Just go buy a mac.. (seash) - Sep 27 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by Integral 16 comments

I'm thinking Bush will win.. I see too many people "misunderestimating" him. - Aug 25 2004
peace pigeon

Icon Sub-Sets by emumania 17 comments

You got it all backwards.

I do embracesome odd ideas... like freedom.. and things like Open Source software, and for the record.. I think for myself too.

I never formulate opinions on the spot, I stop I listen and I try to judge with my heart where I stand on issues. I'm also not a Conservative Republican, I'm a Libertarian, and I voted for Harry Browne in 2000 not George Bush... But whatever.. I guess you come to your own conclusions.. and apparently that is.. Whoever doesn't agree with me isn't "smart"

...humm.. Ya know, that sounds kinda foolish to me as I think about it. - Jun 15 2004
peace pigeon

Icon Sub-Sets by emumania 17 comments

a US-controlled puppet regime? exactaly what is that? Puerto Rico?

being a ignorant fool, I dont care if we march in there steal oil and entiraly "dominate" everything. because if we do.. EVERYTHING will be better for the people of Iraq despite any "evil scheme" created in the white house.

a british reporter watched 30 people executed by plastic shreaders in one day, the remains used as fish food. slowley shreaded alive!!

what the worst that can happen here? - Mar 28 2003
peace pigeon

Icon Sub-Sets by emumania 17 comments

how about REAL lasting peace?

how about further weapons inspections assisted by some "experts in weapons" the US Army?

nobody supports the war.. oh except all these people. - Mar 01 2003
File Manager + DE Usability

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by WinterWolf 35 comments

I mean, I like bolth alot, but I *use* Gnome a hell of alot more. - Nov 11 2002

Ice-WM Themes by metrol 4 comments

funny how you say that then you cause the same error, by saing "Free"BSD :) - Oct 16 2002

Ice-WM Themes by Dany-CL 3 comments

thats a really good theme, too big though, yeah no borders with the orange gradent and the unusual icons is cool. - Aug 10 2002