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Kim Johansson , Sweden
Circle of pings #1

Wallpaper Other by kadavro 2 comments

Well, I figured it would be something for the Kubuntu users. :) - Apr 01 2007
creepy wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by kadavro 4 comments

Thank you! - Sep 27 2006
Siberian Husky 1024x768

Wallpaper Other by cesarcaligula 1 comment

Drop the red text. That would improve this image. You could have the name of the litle darling, and race, in smaller text with a more neutral colour along tyhe borders, so that it is there as info, and not as now, as a part of the image.
Good luck! - Nov 20 2005
Tot Sants

Wallpaper Other by euagal 5 comments

# is the prompt when your root in Bash. Otherwise, if it was an ordinary user, the prompt would have been $
(Not sure if prompt is the right word, but I'm sure you will understand.) - Nov 20 2005

Wallpaper Other by gattanegra 1 comment

Ha ha ha ha ha, sorry.
Couldn't resist :) - Nov 20 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

No ofense, but I think the person could be refering to armour-piercing amunition...
Wich I believe is mostly shot from tanks. As you said, educate your self. - Nov 20 2005
Red Green Blue

Wallpaper Other by ChojinDSL 14 comments

I was just wondering, since this is a nice wallpaper...
You said it took 4h, on what hardware?
Could be fun to know, kind of ;)
And why am I thinking of a fameous mouse when I see this wallpaper? :D - Sep 16 2005

Wallpaper Other by kadavro 6 comments

bumpmap, that is :) - Aug 24 2005

Wallpaper Other by kadavro 6 comments

The secret is cunning use of bummap :)
And the perspectiv tool, and some transperancy of the tuxlayer. - Aug 23 2005

Wallpaper Other by kadavro 6 comments

I have fixed it as far as my skills kan take me for now :)
The download file is the one wieved as the second screenshot. The first one is kept for historical reasons :) - Aug 22 2005
creepy wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by kadavro 4 comments

Thanks, working hard on it :) - Aug 22 2005

Wallpaper Other by xxxmonkahartistxxx 1 comment

Is it realy "wripped" or should it say "ripped"? Realy cool wallpaper anyway! - Aug 22 2005
Blue blocks

Wallpaper Other by bashfull 3 comments

Can you make a screenshot where the wallpaper isn't hidden behind windows? After all, the wallpaper is the main atraction, isn't it :) - Aug 15 2005
Linux and Mars

Wallpaper Other by DrWeird 3 comments

Looks like a shot taken within celestia. - Aug 11 2005
One 4 the girls

Wallpaper Other by josew 10 comments

This is a good wallpaper but if I am not misstaking you are using "Hello kitty" and thus you are violating copyright-laws. - Aug 05 2004

Wallpaper Other by salahuddin66 3 comments

Just got to say it. It is beutifull! - Jul 27 2004
just another X wallpaper ( jaxw )

Wallpaper Other by kadavro 2 comments

Thank you! It is easy to do a good work since a simple X is realy beutifull! - Jul 27 2004
Movies we want to see?

Wallpaper Other by kadavro 2 comments

I think I agree. I was simply playing around with gimp2 when I made it. Text do not do well on wallpapers. - Jul 21 2004