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Cam Mala

VLC Extensions by exebetche 815 comments

I know i am not using the latest verison*, but while it worked fine for several weeks, it stopped downloading subtitles files few days ago (the progress bar of the download status does not even start). Does the website changed something that this extensions is no longer able to "translate" ?

*The only way i manage to make it work (before the problem i mention above) is with VLC 2.0.8 and VLSub 0.9.10, Mac OS X 10.5.8, 32 bits.
I have tried since with every VLC version i can run and VLSub 0.9.1 and 0.9.13. Nothing worked.

I know you won't develop the 0.9.1 anymore, but do you have a guess of what i could modify in the luac file to try to fix the problem ?

Does anyone has the same downloading problem with 0.9.13 for several days ? - Dec 07 2014

VLC Extensions by exebetche 815 comments

As explained on top of the page :

VLSub is not working with Vlc 2.1.x, you can use one of these versions instead:
-Vlc 2.0.8 (stable)
- Vlc 2.2 (pre release) - Dec 07 2014

VLC Extensions by exebetche 815 comments

Hey, i come with some news.

I guess you don't want any older version to be available (en tout cas c'est chaud à trouver !), but i found one in the VLC 2.2. Do you have an agreement with Video Lan ? If so, this is great news !

Anyway, VLC 2.2-pre3 includes VLSub 0.9.10 which fixes every problems i have been reporting before !

That's a solution for me and maybe or clue for you...

A plus ! - Nov 05 2014

VLC Extensions by exebetche 815 comments

Hi !

This extensions seems really nice, however, i did not manage to make it worked.
Everything goes OK until i reach the "download link" displayed in green.
Search goes OK and when i hit "download selection", nothing happens except display the link which is not clickable (it is in blue but i can't do anything with it). And no subtitle file is being downloaded nor displaying on the video.
The link "VLSub working directory" in Config panel is not working better (if this is a link).

Besides, i have many "bugs" that can be related such as :
- once the extensions closes, i can't launch it a second time, but i can a third time.
- The buttons OK or Save or Close in different windows never close the windows but open the main one instead, above.

my config :
Mac OS 10.5.8 (can't update anymore) in french
VLC 2.0.8 (also tried 2.0.9) in french
VLSub 0.9.13 (anyway to get on older version ?) in english
searching for subs in english.

Last question : in config panel, what "user" and "password" are for ? filling them with my OS user is giving me more errors during search of subtitles. I leave them blank for now.

Thanks for your time - Nov 05 2014