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Sep 06 2008
Is not stupid, there is a reason for that; if a very very long link is sended/receibed, does not break properly and makes all the layout unconsistent. The word "link" replacement is just a workaround.

No unsafe; you still be able to know where points the link by placing the mouse over the link, then a tooltip appears with the full URL.

Anyway, you can disable this funcionallity by commenting a simple line in the .CSS of the theme.

Edit this file:

And comment (or delete) the line 65.
This line contents the statement: "content: 'link'".

Enjoy! - Sep 05 2010
Blue Green - Full is the default variant with no banner. - Jun 25 2010
Ok, I'll investigate to get deepest knowledge on how it works the time functions.

Thanks for reporting ;-) - May 31 2009
I'm using %time{%x}%
That is, -print the date according the system preferences-.

I suggest you to check how you have configured the time preferences on your KDE.

BTW: changing this line and use another hard coded format is enought too.

- May 31 2009

> Links are displayed using a different font size

Yes, was intentionally but now this style will be implicitly removed too. ;-)

- Apr 16 2009
Ok. Due the popularity of the demand...
I'll remove this "feature".

Additionally I've planned to improve the Copy&paste behaviour so, I'll work on kONE as soon as I've some time to spend on (hope this weekend).

Thanks for the feedback!

BTW: Has anybody any idea to visually handle very very long URLs without the "link" hack?

- Apr 16 2009
Remove or comment the line 65 of main.css.
This file can be found in:


Replace .kde4 for .kde if you're using KDE3 yet.

The line you must remove contains this text:

.message a { content: 'link'; font-weight: bold; font-size: .9em;}

- Feb 06 2009

Extrange behaivour, I getting the text "link" but not twice...
I think something is happening in your invironment.

The CSS code that is responsible to replace long URL links with just the word "link" is in the file ~ /.kde3.5/share/apps/kopete/styles/kONE/Contents/Resources/main.css at the line 67.

Remove or comment the line 67 and you'll get normal links (restart kopete required after modifications).
Ensure that in this line there is only one word "link"... maybe you has been edited this file and added a word "link" by mistake.

Hope this solve the problem, and waiting more feedback...
Thanks! - Jul 18 2008
You comment 2 has been done in the beta 2.

Thanks for the suggestion. - Jul 09 2008
Hi imx;

Thanks fot the feedback.
I'll ansawer all your request.

1) The idea I've in mind is to provide a web site where the user can build his custom variants trought a cool and easy interface. When the user has been configured his variant, there will be abailable for download a .css file that he must save in ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/styles/kONE/... and start using his custom varian.
This tool will bring options as colours, link behaivour, layouts, etc...
All of this will save me to make lots and lots of variants that, never will complish with the preferencies for every one.
Doing this in QT4 is prossible, but I think to many work just for a theme. It would be fantastic if Kopete brings this tool in the future.

2) I Agree. I'll try some modifications with that. Thanks.

3) I disagree with that. Old versions of kONE has more lines between the different block in the chat window. Now I cleaned the visual aspect of all the window by removing unnecessary lines. Put a new line will not help at all but, I'll do some tests.

4) I've pending a papper asking for some featues to Kopete developers.
I don't know why the engine puts a <span> and a </span> after and before my theme contents. This is a bad behaivour that breaks lots of CSS features, like the selectors (+) that would be really useful for thinks like you're suggesting. As a reference:
If my div with class .internal is inside a span that i can't remove, I can't do more that what you're seeing. :S

5) With compact layouts there is no line break in Actions. But... you really needs to compact the non compact layout? Try the compact layout, may be more in your likes. ;-)
- May 23 2008
Thanks, I'll try the new kopete as soon as I upgrade to KDE 3.5.7 and look what happens.

Maybe there is some changes on KHTML.

- May 28 2007
Apreciated comment.
Hope you do not missed to vote kONE as good! :D

If you have any suggestion or so, feel free to post a comment or just contact me. All you can say will be welcome.
Cheers! - Apr 18 2007
Thanks for the comment Toth.

Just curiousity:
What variant are you using? - Feb 16 2007
Thanks for the comment dude!

Yes, some of the new features will be implemented in the kONE.

Date/time over issues was implemented a few weeks ago but never released... last days I've too many work. :(

You're the original author of Efficient, and all kONE are based on you fantastic work.

Thanks to you man! - Feb 10 2007
You've problems in Kopete 0.11 or 0.12+? - Dec 29 2006
I think that this is not possible due the API to themes development.

But I'll investigate it.

Anyway, if you can send me a color scheme that you want to get in the kopete chat style, I'll do all the possible to proportionate a "universal" color scheme that you wants.

Thanks... ;-) - Oct 30 2006
On next release I'll provide variants. But I'm working hard solving other problems and this has no priority.

Thanks for the comment. - Sep 07 2006
Sender's Pic?

Ok, If I'm chating with you, you want to view only your own buddy icon? or my buddy icon?

Just one buddy icon? Why? - Sep 07 2006
Sorry, QtCurve can be found here: - Jun 27 2006
Ok, easy. first of all, I'm in Gentoo and some themes are builded using ebuilds found here, at kde-look.

* The Qt theme used is QtCurve (really good one, custom menu color thanks to this theme).
You can find it at
Play with configuration options to match my setup. ;-)

* Window decoration theme is Crystal.
Again, configuring-it you can match my setup or, improve it as your eyes.
- Jun 27 2006
Done, now you can decide what layout to use, compact, normal, with icons or without icons and every convinations. :-) - Jun 23 2006
Try the version 1.0 of this chat style.
There are variant to provide exactly the same layout as kONE for kopete 0.11.

Hope you like. ;-) - Jun 23 2006
By the way, take a look at:

I think that is the right way to solve the problem.

What you thinks? - Jun 15 2006
Hi, kONE for kopete 0.12 have a variant without icons.

And, released today, kONE for kopete 0.11 has now a variant too without buddy icons as well.

Take a look at:

Or just download the latest version of kopete and try kONE for kopete 0.12.

Enjoy... - Jun 14 2006
If you put the mouse cursor over the message or the timestamp, you'll get a tooltip with the date.

It is not sufficient, I know.

A new release soon. ;-) - May 19 2006
You make me happy. :-)

I've a lot of suggestions to improve the engine. Maybe outside the "standard" that has been used (Adium?).

I'll make a pseudo paper to you to share my ideas with the intention to improve (even more) kopete itself. See you soon!

And thanks for the comment. - Apr 18 2006
Yes. Working on it. ;-) - Apr 18 2006
Ok. Can you send me an e-mail to hello AT kanutron DOT net?

We'll establish a jabber connection to test this. I can't reproduce the prolem. - Apr 11 2006
I agree timestamp comment. In next release will be biggest. Not so much, .8em. You can reedit again the theme if you want. ;-)

The dashed border is a visual redundancy that IMHO is not always absurd. Isn't?

Variants are coming in the next version. I hope to release it today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the comments... - Mar 22 2006
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
There is now the possibility to define Vertical Gradients (custom gradients).

Any chance to define Horizontal Gradients?

Thanks! - Dec 23 2008

Great and usefull job Craig!
Keep it up!

Just a question:
It is really hard to implement the orientation in the custom gradients?

All that i've in mind is to set a custom gradient but horizontal.

Now is only possible to configure the custom gradients by values and positions, but not for Horizontal|Vertical...

Hope you can understand my poor english.
- May 20 2008
kOne - Kore (Unofficial)

Kopete Styles 4 comments

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May 31 2007
Nice. Clean.
Will be added as a variant for the next kONE release.

Thanks! - Jun 04 2007

Kopete Styles 27 comments

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Oct 19 2007
-Copy discussions as text without any glitch-
This is an excellent feature. I'll do some reversing to your theme to provide the same functionallity to kONE. Really apreciated work. Keep it up!

Thanks. :D - Apr 18 2007
I like your "patchwork". Specially the abatars bar and the effects on the buddy icons.

You're encouraged me to still working on kONE. A lot of ideas has not been implemented yet and yes, HTML/CSS needs a rewrite now!

Again, nice job!

Thanks - Jun 13 2006
kONE - Tuptup pack

Kopete Styles 1 comment

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Feb 08 2007
Added to new release 1.1 of kONE...

;-) - Feb 15 2007
KONE - Brown Book

Kopete Styles 4 comments

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Feb 06 2007
Added to new release 1.1 of kONE...

;-) - Feb 15 2007
Great job

Can I add this variant to the official upcoming release of kONE (version 1.1)?

- Feb 08 2007
Kopete Reloading Kit

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 39 comments

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Dec 15 2006
Many thanks...
I'll try it tonight. - Dec 15 2006
Do you have an ebuild for that?
Standard kopete ebuild plus the patch...

Thanks! - Dec 15 2006
QtCurve Gentoo Ebuild (Gtk2)

QtCurve 5 comments

by kejpi
Score 50.0%
Dec 09 2006
Thanks, works fine. Looks great. ;-) - Sep 24 2006
What about QtCurve-Gtk2-0.42.3 ?
Is is released?

I trying to build this latest release but no ebuild are abailable and I'm not able to modify the ebuild you're pubbblished here.

Many thanks in advance. - Sep 20 2006

Kopete Styles 35 comments

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Jun 14 2006
My main motivation to make this themes was exactly the same. I was encountered kopete too ugly. Now, things has been changed. Isn't?


Thanks for the comment. - Jul 25 2006
Las veces que lo hablo, como ahora, no es español si no Castellano.

Pero enfin... sin comentarios.


Te gustó el tema o no? - Jun 26 2006
I a mi, llastima que ja no l'uso ja que faig servir kopete 0.12 que fa servir unaltre format de temes.

Ara es pot dir que aquesta versio del tema la tinc oblidada i estic treballant amb la versio de kopete 0.12.

Gracies per el comentari! :-) - Jun 13 2006
Ok, easy. first of all, I'm in Gentoo and some themes are builded using ebuilds found here, at kde-look.

* The Qt theme used is QtCurve (really good one).
You can find it at
Play with configuration options to match my setup. ;-)

* Window decoration theme is Crystal.
Again, configuring-it you can match my setup or, improve it as your eyes.

* Color scheme i using is my own, i recomend you to take a few minutes to make your own. I used as base point the lipstik white to start tuning as may preferences.

* Font I use in kopete chat window is "Trebuchet MS". Size is quite big, but just in kopete. For the rest of interface i usually use Arial, that is plain and beauty.

Thats all. Thanks for the comments and if you want more, send-me an e-mail at hello AT kanutron DOT net. - Apr 22 2006
Of course. I can do a variant of kONE without pics. But, I recommend you to wait a bit to next release of kopete. Themes for upcoming kopete has the avility to provide variants.

I'm working on kONE for kopete 0.12 and in this version of kONE there are two variants without pics.

If you can't wait, I'll upload a variant here. ;-) - Apr 11 2006
It works for me.
Try to go to and then "save the page as"...

Use the saved file as the theme. - Apr 05 2006
It works for me.
Try to go to and then "save the page as"...

Use the saved file as the theme. - Apr 05 2006
Solved now! ;-)
Can you try? - Apr 02 2006

Kopete Styles 5 comments

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Jul 20 2006
Great, this is a feature pending in kONE.
At this time when copy/paste in kONE the results are really unreadable.

Your theme looks nice, I can't try it now but I'll do it soon. - Jul 20 2006
Score 82.1%
Sep 18 2009