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Guillaume Moulin
Ambiance Dark

GTK3 Themes by KoRnKloWn 26 comments

Great work.
I found two problems :
- the text for tab title is a dark gray, making it really difficult to read.
Temporary soluton: use "dark fox" firefox theme

- in Libreoffice calc, after opening Office excel files the text and background colors are messed up (no blue, no red, ...), if I switch back the Gtk+ theme to "Adwaita (default)" using Gnome Tweak Tool the colors are back. - Feb 17 2014

GTK3 Themes by lassekongo83 364 comments

I put the themes folders in /usr/share/themes.

As i said, other installed themes are listed. - Oct 21 2011

GTK3 Themes by lassekongo83 364 comments

Hi, congratulations on your work. Outstanding themes.

I tried today to install the themes on a fresh ubuntu 11.10 and they does not appear in the theme list in gnome-tweak-tool.

Other themes are listed.

Any idea on how to find the bug ? - Oct 21 2011