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karl kashofer

Amarok 1.x Scripts by maacruz 274 comments

Hi !

I run mythbuntu which has xfce as standard desktop and is basically ubuntu intrepid.

I have installed kdebase and all the other dependencies. Amarok works fine.

Replaygain seems to work as it complains about no tags in the mp3's.

However, when I try to add replaygain-tags via the context menu (add tags to whole collection) nothing happens apart from the "no replaygain tag" messagebox. I am happy to do the tagging from command line if that would be easier.

kdebase seems to be kde4, i cant find a kdebase3 package in aptitude however.

Do you think this can be made to work or should i switch to kde as desktop. (which i dread as this is my main tv box which was a nightmare to set up...)

Thanks for your help,
Karl - Jun 28 2009