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Filip Karpíšek

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Sep 05 2017
Nevermind, it's gone now - Apr 08 2015
when I click either Search by hash or by name I get above said error? Something wrong with communication with server?

Regards - Apr 08 2015
Oh, I didn't notice, thanks - Oct 23 2014
thanks for the good work.

Would it be possible to add language code in the filename of downloaded subtitles in front of extension.

For example:
instead of getting
I would get
"" for English subtitles.

VLC is still able to correctly associate subtitles with played file and I get different subtitles files for different languages (not overwriting each other).

Thanks - Oct 22 2014
awesome, thanks a lot - May 13 2014
yep, up and running, thanks :)

would it be also possible to show the progress of hash calculation in the progress bar? - May 13 2014
Nope, is_win flag doesn't get set

see output of debug Messages

I made some modifications to getMovieHash() function so it prints the is_win flag, here (lines 25-31): - May 13 2014
NTFS - May 13 2014
sure, here you go (doesn't say much except that file size is 65535 (line 3613 of the paste)

I'm using win7 x64 - May 13 2014
I'm experiencing troubles using "Search by hash" functionality.

I've captured communication using Wireshark and compared it to communication of official openSubtitles searcher (which also uses hash searching function) and found some inconsistencies.

While the official searcher sends movie size of value "2 331 600 371" (which is correct), VLSub
sends <double>65535</double> (possible overflow?). Also the calculated hash is slightly different.
             "354a0e589e5aae50" with openSubtitles searcher and
<string>354a0e581362485c</string> with VLSub.

Thanks for the otherwise great extension though :) - May 13 2014
Remember position

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Jul 12 2014
Greetings, thanks for a great extension (:

Just a question. Would it be possible to make it enabled by default?
So when you play a file, it remembers the position and perhaps when you play the same file again, it could as whether you want to play from beginning or from the last position?

Thanks (: - Jul 24 2014

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by exebetche

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