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Sep 05 2017
They (not the VLSub author) disabled the net namespace in the latest VLC versions so this lua extension doesn't work anymore. We are waiting for the next VLC version that (maybe) will fix this problem. - Jan 10 2014
Try to copy the movie to the root directory of a usb key and try again to download subtitles with VLSub.
I think the script messes up the path when unpacking the gz file so subdirectories must be avoided. - Jan 05 2014
I forgot. VLC version is 2.0.8, OS is Windows 7. - Jan 05 2014
I moved one of the movies on a usb key and everything went fine. - Jan 05 2014
These are 2 logs with the same problem: - Jan 05 2014
I have the same problem with a notebook. I tried to track down the problem by looking at the lua script.
The user is not the PC administrator and MAYBE it could be related to the tmp directory used to unpack the gz file. I can "read" the code because I am a computer programer but I know nothing about lua so I will keep trying to understand it and I hope to solve this problem. :) - Jan 05 2014
"Modified from 2.1.3 to 2.1.x maintenance bugs"... what does it mean ? Have to wait forever ? BTW, I saw in VLSub that italian translations are missing. I'm italian, need a hand ? - Jan 05 2014

VLC Extensions
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Score 85.7%
Jan 05 2014