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Danni Coy

Amarok 1.x Scripts by hurra 77 comments

Firstly I have to say that this script is working very well for me.

It would be even more useful if certain tags could be filtered out...

The first candidate would be filtering the band name out of the tags [why o why do people do that in the first place]

The second would be to filter out the favourite tag or variations thereof as this tag...

Thirdly but more tricky would be to concilidate simular tags somehow... but that would probably require changes from lastFM

also it might be useful to take say the top 5 tags rather than by the numbers as this will pick up a lot of tags for popular bands and almost none from more obscure ones.

Anyways keep up the good work... Manually tagging a 5000 song collection can be a PITA to say the least... - Jan 04 2007

Office Apps by scribusdocs 61 comments

rounded corners are in the shape part of the properties dialog if that helps - Oct 09 2006

Science by nct 13 comments

Ok the App is QT4 based and is tested on Linux.It also could be useful to kde folks.So don't go so hard on it peoples.

Since QT4 GPL is available now for windows - It is quite probable that we will see more apps doing this. I for one encourage it.

App developers try and get some KDE screenshots of your applications, Since this is a website for KDE folks. - Apr 18 2006
Smart DJ

Amarok 1.x Scripts by RuddO 66 comments

Looks really cool... gets my vote Anybody know which if there are equivalent debian packages to the ones listed here. Which version of Python is it based on? - Nov 20 2005
Program Control Center (KDE)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nookie 60 comments

Definately a step in the right direction. The program I use is Synaptic and it has a lot of features described above. It is however more of an experts tool than something I would through in front of a new user. Your layout is very clean. If such a program was to act as a frontend for apt. There are several features I would like to see.

A seperation of graphical apps, command line apps, libraries, development files etc. I new user probably only wants to deal with graphical apps.

The ability to add new repositories of files easily. Import a file or drag and drop would be cool.

The ability to choose any optional packages and info as to what functionality they provide. - May 30 2005