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VLC Skins 22 comments

by Steva
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Oct 25 2012
Hey, to answer your question if you're still wondering-
This is an extension/add-on. That means that it's not a stand-alone program or media file, etc. etc. It's made to be used by another program, and as such you don't "open/run the file", you load it by doing the following:

1)Open VLC
2)Go to Tools->Preferences
(--You should now see "Interface Settings" displayed, given that in the bottom-right corner of this window (next to "Reset Preferences") you see displayed: "Show Settings" with "Simple" chosen, not "All"--)
3)Under the second area "Look and Feel" the first option is to select either "Use Native Style" or "Use Custom Skin". Select "Use Custom Skin" and under it will change to "Skin Resource File:" which will be blank if you're using the original skin for VLC.
4)Select "Choose..." and navigate to the location that you downloaded this(or any) skin to.
5)Select that skin's file, followed by "open".
6)Select "Save" on the bottom right hand corner next to "Cancel".
7)(you may have to restart VLC for changes to take effect) Enjoy or hate!

And then just do that for any other skin you download.
- Nov 02 2013