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Jean-Christophe Fargette

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by WinvsLin 1 comment

At least you should say somewhere in your README file that the wallpaper is from Ayo ( - Feb 21 2004

Audio Apps by wheeler 55 comments

The Slackware packages on now includes Juk in kdemultimedia.
I found this today.

But thanks anyway for your work. - Feb 06 2004

Network by juancho 40 comments

I was so happy when I saw your screenshots. Finally a GUI to setup the network under KDE BUT
why to use the GST backend ???? I have to install the gnome libraries to use it ???
That a strange KDE app :)

By the way GST is working with Slackware with newer version. - Jan 14 2004

Wallpaper Other by youlogee 5 comments

Nice but can you post the 2004 Altima model ;) - Jan 07 2004

Wallpaper Other by n8wish 2 comments

Or OS related ?

All your pictures are great, and it's nice to see some Mtl places where I also live.
But your pictures should be on another sites. I prefer to see some Linux, Computer, or 3d related pictures here. - Jan 02 2004
Shutdown Logo

Various Stuff by th.cherouny 6 comments

You need to login with kdm to be able to logout/shutdown with this screen. - Jan 14 2003

Various Stuff by helmers 2 comments

Why don't you use KSim ?
It's chipped with kde-3.1 now.

no more gtk apps :-)) - Nov 07 2002
KDE 3.0.4 Up on German KDE FTP

Various Stuff by DecayingOmega 3 comments

Well, if you don't see the announcement on it's because the mirrors are not ready.
Don't use the bandwith ! :-) - Oct 09 2002