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Keegan Carruthers-Smith Cape Town, South Africa
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Mar 03 2009
Use this version of AmarokPidgin

You may have to rename it to tip.amarokscript.tar.bz2 for it to be installed.

AmarokPidgin with Amarok 2 does not yet support configuration, so instead you have to manually edit the file ~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok/scripts/amarokPidgin/AmarokPidgin.ini and add cover_icon=True. If the file does not exist use this file: - May 01 2010
I'll check it out tomorrow - Apr 30 2010
Sounds like one of threes things:

1. Pidgin is not running
2. Pidgin is compiled without DBUS support
3. Your DBUS daemon is not running

The first one is easy to fix, just run pidgin. two and three are distribution specific, so require help from people who use the same distro as you. I can try help if you get no responses from them. - Jun 02 2009
You don't have kdialog installed. I'll add a check for it, to make it more user friendly when you are missing such things :) - Mar 15 2009
Make sure the service dbusd is running - Mar 11 2009
That sounds like it isn't amarok2 specific. Is it possible for you to try on amarok 1? - Feb 10 2009
Yeah. I actually finished Amarok 2 support at the end of last month! I just haven't had a chance to properly test it due to my pc with Amarok 2 not working anymore.

Maybe you can do the beta testing for me :) It is available here:
- Feb 09 2009
Hey, Amarok 2 support is nearly there. I don't have Amarok 2 on my home machine, but on my work machine. I'll be back at work in about a week and will then finish it off. It'll be available on before i release it. - Dec 29 2008
I haven't tried 2.5 yet. But under 2.4 using msn-pecan ( ) status updates work for me. - Aug 26 2008
Ok, that is probably a problem with how old the MSN code is in Pidgin. I use to connect to MSN. Try it out, and see if it fixes the problem - Aug 03 2008
Ok, check out
If you don't have mercurial installed, i can email a tarball of amarokpidgin - Aug 03 2008
If the pidgin's nick changes, but your friends dont see it, this could be a problem with pidgin or the servers.

What protocol are you having this problem with? (MSN or xmpp or AIM, etc) - Aug 03 2008
How would you like the rating? something like 4/5, or maybe *'s. - Aug 03 2008
This happened in an older version of amarokpidgin. This should fix it:
* switch off amarokpidgin
* delete the media status
* make sure pidgin is connected
* start amarokpidgin - Jun 01 2008
Can you please tell me what you did for this to happen?

For the moment just switch amarokpidgin off and reset the nicks, then switch amarokpidgin back on. - May 25 2008
Not sure what could be wrong. Maybe ask help in an irc channel or mailing list for your distro. - Apr 10 2008
You need to install the python dbus bindings. This is distribution specific. - Apr 09 2008
No offense taken.
That is obviously a bug i need to fix. Any other flaws that you can point out? - Apr 01 2008
Just to confirm that I am having this problem as well. I believe it is a problem with Pidgin, because my contacts cant see manually set status's either.

Pidgin with debugging output on suggests that AmarokPidgin is working.

I need to do more debugging though. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon. - Mar 09 2008
I'm havent tried pidgin 2.4 yet, but are you sure you are selecting the media status in pidgin? Also pidgin doesnt support MSN status messages, but gtalk should work. - Mar 02 2008
Ok, it seems the problem has changed since last time. Try this diff now and posting the log please :)

This bug will be squashed! ;P - Feb 27 2008
Hey, apply this patch to
Run it for a bit then send me the output /tmp/

This code is untested, but hopefully should give me some useful info - Feb 27 2008
Try running

purple-remote 'setstatus?status=away&message=dont disturb'

See if your status updates - Feb 27 2008
Ok.on line 15 change it from DEBUG = false to DEBUG = true. Run the program for a bit then post /etc/AmarokPidgin.log - Feb 18 2008
Check if you have the dcop commandline program and that it is working. For example try running from the commandline:

dcop amarok player artist - Feb 16 2008
Ok, I'll try and reproduce this so I can patch it. - Nov 04 2007
Is your friend using MSN? pidgin doesnt support status notifications for MSN (and probably a few other protocols). - Oct 31 2007
Ok. I'll make more verbose debugging output for the next release. That should happen in about a week. - Sep 02 2007
Yeah, i was just checking if your permissions where borked.

Ok, so maybe try logging + try configure amarokpidgin. If that still doesnt work (You might be missing the kdialog program), just try pasting the following config file into AmarokPidgin.ini


status_name = Media
status_message = Listening to $title by $artist on $album [Amarok]
censor = false
censor_words = # Put words here separated by a | eg: word1|word2|word3
display = status # Where to display song playing. either status or nick
- Aug 30 2007
Ok, so either AmarokPidgin has a problem reading the ini file, or the ini file isnt a valid ini file.

So can you give the output of:
ls -ld ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/
ls -l ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/
cat ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/AmarokPidgin.ini
- Aug 30 2007
That is just a warning, and shouldnt effect the program. But try these changes to

On line 294 change
except dbus.dbus_bindings.DBusException:
except dbus.DBusException:

Also change on line 14
DEBUG = False
DEBUG = True

Then try running AmarokPidgin and send me the log in /tmp/AmarokPidgin.log - Aug 30 2007
It could have been an older version of amarokpidgin. It used to not shutdown properly. - Aug 27 2007
This is intentional. If you want to get rid of the constant logging about the configuration file, do a configure in the scripts dialog. or run
touch ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/AmarokPidgin.ini - Jun 19 2007
Hmm, it seems the problem is on the dbus side. Can you open up in a text editor and change on line 14
DEBUG = False
DEBUG = True
Then run/restart the script for a little bit.
Then post the file /tmp/AmarokPidgin.log - May 31 2007
When I change it to what you have, it works for me. Could you post your ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/AmarokPidgin.ini file? - May 31 2007
It should be pretty trivial to implement, and it sounds like a good idea. I am gonna finally start on the pidgin convert tonight, so you will see the pidgin stuff tonight or tomorrow, and maybe even your request. - May 26 2007
Thanks for the link. I got started on implementing this feature a while ago. Its currently working with a lot of bugs, so I will check out the other package for ideas on how to iron the bugs out. - May 02 2007
Yes. I need to install pidgin to see what to change. Fortunetly it should be trivial to change. - May 02 2007
If your problem is that gaim wont configure/compile then just install the dbus-devel rpm to get gaim compiling properly.

Also, you can probably find a newer gaim in an rpm repo somewhere. Check this link: - Apr 22 2007

First result when searching for "slackware dbus-python". Google is your friend ;P - Feb 19 2007
If you have the dcop client, you should have the program 'dcop' installed. Just try running it on through the console.

If AmarokGaim bombs out you probably don't have dbus or dbus-python. Google around for solutions. - Feb 19 2007
It works in beta6 for me. It seems that you have installed beta6 without dbus support. If you compiled it yourself remember the dbus flag.

Also the bug you mentioned has been fixed and will be released in the new version. - Feb 19 2007
What version of amarok and python are you using?

The only reason I can think of this happening is if amarok is constantly writing message too amarokgaim, for some reason you're python isn't in blocking mode when reading the amarok output, or a problem in an external library.

Could you email me, and then I can send you a file too debug this problem. - Jan 21 2007
At the moment it only makes a custom status message. Unfortunetly MSN does not support that at the moment. I'll make it possible too change the nick in the next version. - Jan 06 2007

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Sep 08 2008
Cool :) I think i need to get the images from more than one folder.

The only way currently to change the number of rows and columns is to edit

int item_size = std::min(width / 12, height / 8);

in amarokquilt.cpp

that roughly translates to 12 columns and 8 rows - Jan 31 2009
I'll check out the cover issue. Oops, it seems i forgot to include the desktop file. Here is a link to it: - Jan 30 2009
Hi, you need to use qt4 dev tools. Not sure what the package is called in ubuntu. - Jan 28 2009
Thanks for the constructive critism. I'll implement the features requested :)

It should be easy to extend to Amarok2, if it doesnt work. I just need to know which folder all the artwork is stored. Will look into it. - Jun 18 2008
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Mar 20 2007
In 5 days you have managed to become the highest-rated software on!!
Thanks for the great app. - Feb 08 2007
Does that ebuild work if you have qt4 installed? I had a headache getting this to build on gentoo with qt3 and qt4 next to each other. - Feb 08 2007