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Stefan Billeb Hanau, Germany
Sicily Mountain 2006

Mountains by burgarello 1 comment

This country is so beautiful - thank you for those impressions as we discussed in our emails before :)

Will upload now a Screenshot of my desktop where this beautiful Wallpaper fits in so perfectly ! - Jun 23 2006

Konqueror by pbruna 8 comments

Well Jabber and MSN file transfer is supported with Kopete - but icq transfer is not.
So this won't work with icq either - and i did imagine of a miracle ;) it's a pity. - Jun 21 2006

Konqueror by pbruna 8 comments

Does that also work with icq?
File Transfer on icq network with kopete doesn't work yet.. - Jun 19 2006
icq5.0 emoticons kopete

Emoticons by lucky1250 5 comments

I dont think this is copyrighted stuff - but now there are no complications with other users ;)

For example :-[ is a bad looking bat... icq got a shaming woman ;) - Jun 19 2006
KuLaunch Kbfx Menu

Kbfx Startmenu by Mamooth 8 comments

Seems really nice - will give it a try now.
What icons do you use ? I like them! - Jun 19 2006
Eiffel Tower Perspective

Wallpaper Other by hariuha 1 comment

A really nice picutre - the warm touch of the orange lights are great! - Feb 18 2006
KDE Beautiful Being blackened

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Keepers 4 comments

Thank you and I hope it will stay there for a while. - Feb 09 2006
flames in space

Wallpaper Other by cero 3 comments

This one is great - especially for tty1 as a bootsplash :)
Go on with your work! - Feb 09 2006
Red Flower

Nature by Triade 4 comments

Finally you have made this picture available for all of us here.
Always like to see your wallpapers when i sit at your computer :) - Jan 25 2006