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Richard Morgan
November Screenie

Gnome Screenshots by kempo63 7 comments

Excellent wallpaper is from Da-Nadda (Link is above) .

The Iconset is Black 2 style found here on Gnome-look.

Bottom left corner is just Exaile Player mini mode plugin. Top right corner is NowPlaying screenlet.

Window Decoration is Blackline2 by Wisien.

- Nov 16 2008
Ubuntu 8.10 CD Label

Cliparts by SharpieTM 28 comments

VERY nice. - Nov 03 2008
Ubuntu - Brass

Wallpapers Ubuntu by rubasu 9 comments

No bad vote here! That really likes like brass. Nice job. - Oct 21 2008
Hardy Screenshot

Gnome Screenshots by kempo63 2 comments

I'm using Exaile player. Last line of my .conkyrc has the now playing stuff but the album art is through Exaile. Exaile allows you to put locate album art anywhere on the screen. - Oct 18 2008