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kenny cason

GTK2 Themes by metak 102 comments

I noticed the errors, and made the appropriate fixes. It's still buggy, and often times freezes.

I recommend to NOT install this theme until it is fixed for good.
- May 30 2009

GTK2 Themes by metak 102 comments

I have an installation of ubuntu 9.04
and my friend has a fresh install (installed 30 min ago)

I really really love how this them looks, however, after switching to this theme, both of our computers just freeze and slow down so bad we have to force our computers to restart. When I log back in the theme works, but it freezes up alot(seems to happen when open an archive file, though don't hold me to that)

but anyways, it's currently completely unuseable. It's not just my computer.

Any ideas/ known bugs?
Thanks, the theme looks sweet - May 29 2009
China Tux

Wallpaper Other by Xomka 1 comment

It's Japanese not Chinese.
I like the look though :) - May 28 2009