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keplenk todingals Guam, Virgin Islands(USA)

Conky by ArnoNymus 92 comments

This is awesome! Thank you. I've installed this on my Desktop which as a resolution of 1600x900. Everything is perfect.

When it comes to my laptop which has 1280x800 resolution - I'm having problems.

1) It is just too big and it does not fit.
2) The time is showing but not the rings.

I tried changing the alignments in each configuration which helped but it occupies 80% of my whole desktop. I don't know how to resize fonts/lines/weather icons pictures, etc.

With regards to ring, I made sure that the rings configuration is placed well.

The only difference with my laptop and desktop is that my Desktop is using Ubuntu. My laptop is using Arch. Could it be an Arch linux issue?

Thanks! - Mar 12 2011
Terminal Screenlet

Conky by spdf 58 comments

Hey, cool screenlet! Thanks for this.

I was hoping that maybe you can add a feature of dragging and dropping to the terminal screenlet. I don't even know if this is possible since is not the actual terminal. It would be neat if this can be done!

Cheers - Jul 21 2008