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Video Apps by meneerdik 219 comments

for the exact same reason, some cool dudes forked imagemagick and created graphicsmagick. Try it! - Sep 21 2005

Graphic Apps by kernelpanic 4 comments


Well, you can of course share the master- and slaveArchives via http, samba, nfs, ftp or whatever else you want. As long as imageserver runs on that server, it'll be notified of filesystem events no matter how you access those files. I don't know of an operating system that cannot use at least one of these options.

I think Unix-permissions are not a problem if you use samba, nfs or ftp, since ACLs should work fine with them?!

About versioning: You're right. This is why imageserver automatically creates new names for files not matching the folder's naming scheme. But real versioning would be really great!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find ANY docs on how to use webdav and its versioning features. Can you point me to a document or howto?

Then again, we have thousands images that regularly exceed 60 megabytes. Versioning-instead-of-overwriting-old-versions means we'd probably have even more data to cope with...

I'm almost done creating an(other) advanced HTML/PHP frontend which can be used to classify, search, browse, order, and download images and set their permissions for users and groups. It works very nicely, especially together with imageserver :) - May 10 2005
Congratulations, a very nice name for this app :) - May 10 2005

Graphic Apps by CKulT 185 comments

how the hell did you get such a great psd-support? KSquirrel reads layers, drop shadows and even paths(!!) correctly from psd files.

Not even imagemagick/graphicsmagick have such a great psd-support! I'm impressed!

Did you get the psd-specs from somewhere? If yes, for what psd-fileformat-version are they? Do you know any other linux-software that can read PSDs like this? - Feb 20 2005