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Ket Tefid

Nautilus Scripts by Thura 62 comments

Thank you very much for your nice script. Just what I needed.
I get this error while installing:

rm -rf ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/.rdata
rm -rf ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Renamer
mkdir -p ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/.rdata
./scripts/ po/ ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/.rdata/po/
File "./scripts/", line 20
print "Creating directory %s ..." % modir
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
make: *** [install] Error 1

what's wrong?
Gentoo, python3.1 - Jun 04 2011
Lyrics screenlet

Conky by dencer 339 comments

I can't believe this!!! - Jun 16 2010
Split file as size

Nautilus Scripts by ilius 2 comments

I reviewed and tried every script in gnome-look.
none of them can join the split files...
So what is this for?
Someone please answer...
Where is a join program in whole of this site?
Anyway I voted good...
But please someone guide... - Mar 06 2010
Ultimate Edition Nautilus Scripts Pack

Nautilus Scripts by tuxsax 7 comments

Why only for ubuntu? - Mar 06 2010
Own selected files or folders

Nautilus Scripts by graben 4 comments

Downloading the file and saving it, chmodding it to +x and copying it to nautilus script folder.
but doesn't work...
nothing shows up when I select it...
- Mar 06 2010
Nautilus Scripts Pack

Nautilus Scripts by rcdzip2007 23 comments

But how to join the split files? There is no menu as "join". - Mar 06 2010
Hash Checker 4.0.8

Nautilus Scripts
by Cooleech

9   Jun 05 2011
Terminal Here

Nautilus Scripts
by 00061205

9   Oct 07 2010