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n marques Aveiro, Portugal
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Jan 03 2009
2 things:

1. I've made a patch you should merge with upstream, since it helps packagers. You can find the patch here:

2. Remove metacity-theme-2.xml~ from the Aurora Metatheme. It once more helps packagers, and provides clearner spec files.

Good job. - Nov 10 2010

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May 16 2012
I played a BE Paladin as protection paladin since Tidewalker on SSC, and done pretty much all the rest till Ulduar as a Prot Paladin.

I left WoW because for me it was fun when not everyone had the potent gear. Nowadays every unskilled dude has potent gear. Blizzard followed a 'milk the cow' strategy, my hint to leave :)

Instead of Raiding I pack Free Software now :) - Nov 08 2010
Good luck on your raid. I don't raid since my old guild killed M'uru on TBC :)

The Sin'Dorai will prevail! - Nov 07 2010
I've packaged this metatheme on OBS - openSUSE Build Service.

Currently for Fedora13 (works on 14 as well, once F14 gets available on OBS, it will be automatically available for it as well).

openSUSE is of course supported. Currently the is available on my private repository. Feel free to use it. If the author wants to provide links... go for it.

For people downloading the RPM: As a tip there's a tool called rpmlint which checks how 'good' the RPM is. I advice everyone _ALWAYS_ to run rpmlint on RPM's provided by third parties (me in this case) to check the sanity of the RPM package.

For openSUSE, it's fully compliant, for Fedora there's 3 warnings, this are platform (OBS) related errors, and can be worked out, but they aren't a risk to RPM integrity, it's just syntax differences.



Next Steps:
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux
* CentOS
* Mandriva

DEB Based distro's: use author packages please.

Thanks for sharing your amazing artwork Emily and for working out licensing so we can distribute it :) - Nov 07 2010

This is one of my favourite themes and I was actually thinking on packaging it through OBS (openSUSE Build Service). The 'NC' might become a problem, though personally I don't care because I can still do the package, but I often share my packages and push them either to contrib or even to openSUSE repositories.

Could you consider remove the 'NC' so I can freely share it with the openSUSE community without engaging weird situations?

My plans are to make this package available for all the supported distributions by OBS that are RPM enabled:

* Mandriva
* openSUSE
* Fedora

At least those 3.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for sharing this wonderful theme. A cool wallpaper (16/9 and 4/3 would be awesome.

NM - Nov 04 2010
Notify OSD Configuration - Fedora 13

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Sep 06 2010
You can build from the source notify-osd properly patched.

The source is here:

And the patch is here:


I'm not aware on how you accomplish a debian package, but it's easy to build from source.

nelson. - Sep 07 2010
By the way, since you use Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth has forbidden this patch on Ubuntu ;)

Sorry to ear that :( - Sep 07 2010
That's maybe because you don't have notify-osd patched ? ;) - Sep 06 2010
RPM's now available to avoid carnage. - Sep 05 2010
notify-osd -- openSUSE 11.3

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Sep 09 2010
One or two days I have a RPM for openSUSE for the configuration util. - Sep 05 2010
There's two files there, one is source (with Modified Makefile to compile on Fedora 13, probably won't work on openSUSE, Makefile needs to be hacked again) and there's a second one which has only 1 file (NotifyOSDConfiguration) I believe. Rename it to notifyconf.

Since I'm assuming you are on openSUSE copy the file into the the 'bin' folder on your home, fire up a terminal and type 'notifyconf' and it should pop out :)

Be carefull selecting apply will write the ~/.notify-osd file. - Aug 24 2010
Yes, it's just the default GNOME notification-daemon. I'm not sure how it works with KDE.

It supports extended configuration through the file ~/.notify-osd which can have the following values (so you can customize it to fit your theme):

slot-allocation = dynamic
bubble-expire-timeout = 10sec
bubble-vertical-gap = 10px
bubble-horizontal-gap = 10px
bubble-corner-radius = 35,5%
bubble-icon-size = 32px
bubble-gauge-size = 5px
bubble-width = 320px
bubble-background-color = ebebeb
bubble-background-opacity = 75%
text-margin-size = 15px
text-title-size = 100%
text-title-weight = bold
text-title-color = 008000
text-title-opacity = 85%
text-body-size = 90%
text-body-weight = normal
text-body-color = 262626
text-body-opacity = 85%
text-shadow-opacity = 25%

I have also compiled a small tool for Fedora 13 to generate this configs... It does run ok on openSUSE. You can find it here:

So you can really tweak notify-osd to fit your theme ;) Which Ubuntu doesn't offer! I also advice you to use 'Dynamic' and not Fixed. - Aug 20 2010
Notify OSD - Fedora 13

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Sep 06 2010
I am not sure what is the problem. I'm not using pidgin, I use Empathy and it works fine with empathy.

There is one thing though about Notify OSD, it doesn't allow clicks on the bubble. It's only notification. Notification Daemon does allow clicks, that's one difference. Does this answer your doubt ? - Sep 05 2010
And the config tool for notify-osd is also now provided @ - Sep 04 2010
Configuration tool incoming within a day or two, so it can look even better :) - Sep 04 2010
Plymouth Ubuntu 10.10

Plymouth Themes 33 comments

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Sep 07 2010
O que acontece é que a implementação do Plymouth feita pela Canonical não está no seu melhor...

Se estás a utilizar drivers proprietários (nvidia ou ATI), é possivel que nao funcione, pelos menos a ATI não suporta KMS e a nvidia desconheço. Com Intel deveria funciona.

Sei que com os drivers da ATI e nvidia da Red Hat/Fedora funciona na perfeição (em Fedora e Red Hat).

Sim há forma de ultrapassar esse 'black screen', e isso está na wiki do Ubuntu que eu instalei um Ubuntu à uns tempos para um amigo e resolveu-se.

De qualquer forma, nao utilizo ubuntu e de cabeça nao sei exactamente, mas basta carregar uns quantos modulos no arranque do grub2, nomeadamente o vbe.

Google is your friend! - Aug 16 2010
The quick brown fox jumps over the...

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Jun 01 2010
nice stuff... anything with a wolf ? ;) - Jun 01 2010
Blue Abomination Reversed

Metacity Themes 4 comments

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May 02 2010
Feel free to work it your way.

Nice to see it interested people. My work is based on "Equinox Radiance". - May 02 2010

Full Icon Themes 3 comments

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May 15 2010
very nice. Thanks for sharing. +rep - Apr 29 2010
Equinox Variance (previously Radiance)

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Sep 01 2010
I'm a Fedora user and I just love your theme. I'm currently using Equinox Radiance Glass. I was thinking on changing some stuff to match more the colours of Fedora branding.

Would you mind?

Probably going to do some packing for the theme and Equinox engine.

Thanks for a great work. This clearly delivers great eye candy and design to any GTK2 based Desktop.

nm - Apr 18 2010
carbon fiber

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

by tawan
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Apr 15 2010
nice font. Could please also include the font's name?

Thanks for sharing your work. - Apr 11 2010

Full Icon Themes
by charleswight

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Apr 29 2010
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Apr 20 2010
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Apr 18 2010