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Khaos Drone
Who Needs Windows 7 ? (screenshot)

Gnome Screenshots by zeQuark 4 comments

Does it realy matter people wanting to mimic A windows Xp, Vista, 7 Theme or Mac oS? I seen windows desktops trying to mimic Gnome,

In the end its like this.
If you want the full windows experience take windows and vice versa.

If a Windows theme makes new Linux users feel at home. Man then i am all for it.

If someone Does not like Windows but likes the look of it why not ;-)

I mean why do we do it.... Simply because WE can and Windows users can't ;-)

Good job here m8 your getting there :D - Nov 06 2009
TextDateTime Screenlet

Conky by momokatte 12 comments

This is exactly what i was looking for.

Sinds i am not good at making this kind of stuff.

I would like to thank you for making the screenlet and sharing it with all of us so we all benefit from it.

Cheers m8 keep it up! - Nov 03 2009
deviant desktop [sept. 08]

Gnome Screenshots by deviantdark 38 comments

Hey m8 forst of all thanks for all the work you do here. you make desktops look less avarage ;-)

About the bottom bar. Is there an easy way for me to do it myself on other wallpapers for example?

What program are you using to do it?
A few pointers would be awsome.

Thanks in advance.

Keep it up!

Ps. Voted Good ;-) - Nov 02 2009
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Nov 02 2009