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pierre-andre leclair
KDE flavoured Gentoo :)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by KonMan 4 comments

Which gfx card are you using?

I have an ati radeon 9700, and no luck in getting transparency to work. Got gentoo too. - Mar 21 2006
My Gentoo's KBFX

Kbfx Startmenu by LuCKy69 2 comments

What are those icons in konqueror, and on your desktop?

Nice kbfx theme btw! :) - Mar 21 2006
Plastik theme for YaKuake

Yakuake Skins by suslik 13 comments

Thank You!!!

I'd like to see more nice gentoo artwork here. Unfortunately, Gentoo seems more of a coder OS than artist. (Or fortunately! :P) But this is really sweet I think. I perfectly fit my liking, and would like to see more gentoo branded stuff from you for all parts of kde, in your spare time :)

Maybe I could help you with ideas of what to brand?

Grub bootsplash
FBSplash bootsplash
KDM splash
KDE splash
nice discreet background (transparent) with a small gentoo logo, with the same gentoo font. Nothing too bid, maybe a grey or something bar on the left side to put icon in, and the rest transparent i dunno, to your taste..

maybe a really nice, sweet, shiny, gentoo logo for the kde start menu?, something really nice i dunno?

If others can think of some other ideas, it could be an ideas to add them here.

Gentoo doesn't get enough artwork on kde-look compared to other distro, and it's not like gentoo is in the shadow, a lot of people uses gentoo.

Thanks again for this sweet yakuake theme, and i really hope to see more gentoo artkwork (either from you, or from other people)

Side note: Take a look at artwork for zen, k/ubuntu, etc.. they look really awesome.. have a search for gentoo, and look what's available.. I dont want to diss the maker of most gentoo artwork here, but they are, in general, no match compared to other distros. - Mar 21 2006

Wallpaper Other by Rapture 1 comment

I think it would be perfect if you could take the portage logo (the reversed P) and the official gentoo fonts. And another suggestion (maybe that could be applied to all version) transparent background...

Thanks! - Mar 03 2006

Wallpaper Other by Rapture 1 comment

WOW! This is the best looking wallpaper i've seen in a while.. if you could make one exactly like this, but with the gentoo logo, (there are no good looking gentoo wallpaper, it seems like artist doesn't make graphics for gentoo) and with gentoo written instead of debian?

Since i like conky on the right, if you could swap the wallpapers design it would be just too awesome! (i could do it myself after you created it, but i'd end up with a reverse Portage logo!)

Thanks a lot in advance, i would really appreciate it! (I'm sure many others would be happy too!) - Feb 27 2006
My KDE 3.5.1 Desktop on Gentoo

KDE Plasma Screenshots by kicker 7 comments

It's not a karamba theme, it's conky. It's an highly configurable system monitor.

If you want more info, go to - Feb 22 2006
My KDE 3.5.1 Desktop on Gentoo

KDE Plasma Screenshots by kicker 7 comments


The wallpaper is dreaming of the future (gentoo) which can be found here,
and I took the little guy and repositioned it where it would look good with my setup, when I'm finished posting this, i will upload the modified version of the wallpaper.

I've been kinda busy yesterday, didn't had time to make a theme or something, but will soon will early next week or something. - Feb 19 2006