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Anders Juel Jensen

Wallpaper Other by caldroun 4 comments

This looks good!
Have you considerd making a series of these over the same theme?
I mean, making "the same image" with respect to the the neat fog and the "floor", but with some of the other characters. (A certain girl and Sebulba comes to mind)

Thanx in advance ;-P

/kidcat - May 16 2003
A Variation

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 4 comments

This looks Good(TM). Keep up the postings :)

/kidcat - May 16 2003
Polish News Module

Karamba & Superkaramba by maciunio 95 comments

Hi polish dudes :-D
Will you please consider that even the worst kind of english is still whole lot more easy to understand then something that is not english at all. :-)

By the way.. I'm from Denmark for what its worth, and i had to learn english too :-P

/kidcat - May 16 2003
Agent Smith Revised

Wallpaper Other by j0ntar 7 comments

Hiho j0ntar!

I would be a mighty glad cat if you would be so kind and render this in 1152x864 too.
Maybe some other users with 19" would like it even bigger?
Keep up the great work - And pretend that trolls don't exist ;-)

/kidcat - May 16 2003