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Kimiko Koopman Leiden, Netherlands
Light Warp

Plasma Themes by karthik111 16 comments

Is it possible to choose this color from within the theme selection dialog in the System Settings, or is it necessary to edit the colors file by hand every time? - Sep 21 2014

Wallpaper Other by AnitaSpain 1 comment

Nice photo. When did you take this?

And where exactly? I'm thinking somewhere around CS/LUMC, but I can't figure out the exact spot. - Sep 09 2014

Various Games by ElThoro 7 comments

Can you please change the button bindings? Or better yet, make them configurable.

I use a pen/tablet, so the wheel thing for rotation is not practical. Middle button would be much better.

Also, rotation should work without 'holding' a piece. Just rotate the piece the cursor is over. - Sep 04 2014

Plasma Color Schemes by Frikazoid 2 comments

In that screenshot, what theme, style and font are you using? - Dec 22 2012