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Michael  Soibelman Los Angeles, United States of America

Network by hoganrobert 85 comments

Excellent application. I recently read an article in Linux Journal and tried to get tor working with Firefox. It seems I didn't get everything quite right. So it is a pleasure to be able to use this app as it installed easily and works well in my OpenSuSE-10.3 distro.

I'll watch out for any bugs but so far so good.

P.S. Nice Work :-) - Jan 01 2008

Email by kuddel-fl 64 comments

Thank you. I'll be happy to test out any development version that includes ssl.

KShowMail Lives !!! - Jul 19 2007

Email by kuddel-fl 64 comments

I've been using kshowmail daily for a long time now. I don't know of any other program that allows me to check my email and delete unwanted ones without downloading everything or having my regular email client on as well. However, today I am faced with a problem. My dsl provider is sbcglobal. Today they sent me another notice informing me they are upgrading there system. Now everything is going to be encrypted via ssl. This is a good thing and the new settings including new port numbers work fine with kmail. But kshowmail does not allow for ssl encryption !!! Is there any way you can add this functionality to your program ? I don't know how much longer they (sbcglobal) will allow me to use the old pop settings but for now it's still working.


P.S. I really would not like to have to go without this program It is one of the most important email security tools in my arsenal.. A must have. Period. :-) - Jul 18 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jice 30 comments

Yes, I followed the instructions precisely. I launched it in a terminal. Yesterday, after seeing a few warning messages I cleaned up some mis-configurations in kde. Now when I launch this app in a terminal I get the configuration wizard. However, it seems my scanner doesn't want to cooperate. The buttons do nothing. This is a UMAX Astra 2200. It does work with with kooka and xsane however. Perhaps a future version of xsane or perhaps KScannerButtons will solve this. Oh well... ;-( - Sep 09 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jice 30 comments

Also, I have kmdr-executor installed as part of kdewebdev-3.5.4. So why is this error message appearing ?? - Sep 08 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jice 30 comments

Here's what I get when I launch KScannerButtons from a terminal:

kmdr-executor --icon scanner /usr/local/bin/KScannerButtons.kmdr: No such file or directory

Yet the file KScannerButtons.kmdr IS there !! And I have Kommander editor installed. Using kde-3.5.4, OpenSuSE-10.1 and qt3-3.3.6-167 - Sep 08 2006
LyX -- The Document Processor

Office Apps by jspitzm 35 comments

I like the icons. So I spent a little while making my own version. I think I'll work on them some more though. How do I post them here ??

- Jul 14 2006
disable (flash) plugins when images are disabled

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 14 comments

It's very easy to block unwanted advertising but now more sites are using flash !! Especially MS$

I think we should start a petition to enable temporarily disabling flash adds...

Or, better yet, disable a particular flash add... - May 31 2006