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Cameron Bailey , Canada
Main menu Ubuntu icons

Icon Sub-Sets by SilverSpace 1 comment

Wondering how you removed the arrow on the gnome menu. - Dec 19 2008
DeviantArt theme

GTK2 Themes by pencilcheck 14 comments

I still don't understand why the progress bars are the way they are, if you are going to use the orange, make it look like it does in the poll in the footer. - Sep 29 2008

GTK2 Themes by sen7 131 comments

This is a really nice idea, and great theme!

(just noticing how hard it is to tell what radio button and check button is selected... small problem) - Sep 21 2008
Ubuntu Dust

GTK2 Themes by rico-ambiescent 125 comments

As of the September 13th update, there is a new menu button, and well... it sucks, even after I flipped the image to try and make it flow with the design better, I find it is still very ugly. I would recommend that is looses the 'inset', and becomes just a symbol, like the circle you already have. The circle btw, is flawed as well, if you zoom in on it, it has 2 misplaced pixels on it, making it look like it has horns.

Enough of the critisism, I must say that this is one of the most professional looking themes for GTK, good work! - Sep 12 2008
Chrome Metacity *UPDATED*

Metacity Themes by turbo815 10 comments

Yes, I'd recommend using emerald for this one. Funny I was thinking of doing this last night. - Sep 11 2008
β (Beta)

GTK2 Themes by 16777216 7 comments

Thanks a lot... the first time through I was really tired, and didn't notice that those links were actually software sources... duh! I didn't know about the whole force version though. It works now, thank you very much. - Aug 18 2008
β (Beta)

GTK2 Themes by 16777216 7 comments

I don't know what to do once I click on that link... I have installed gtk engines before, so if you direct me on what to click and I get the source file I should be fine from there... or your theme is broken. I downloaded the only murrine engine I could find on that page and installed it, and it still doesn't work. - Aug 18 2008

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 80 comments

don't get rid of murrine, just remove


I didn't look in the rc, I am just guessing that you are using those, because those are not yet functioning on normal murrine... and when I tried to use them in a rc I was editing, it broke, just like this one. - Aug 13 2008

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 80 comments

ya, I was wondering if I needed to update my engines or something, but as long as the murrine that came with ubuntu is the up to date version it should be fine, but it is not, from my own experience, if 1 little typo is in the gtkrc the whole thing breaks... maybe there is one in the new version? - Aug 13 2008

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 80 comments

Something is wrong, I have the aurora, murrine, and of course clearlooks engines installed correctly (I know that because I have used themes that use the engines properly before) When I load it up I get the panel pixmaps, and that is about it... the rest is default GTK gray ugliness... - Aug 13 2008