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by plcl
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Aug 15 2010
Thanks very much Pedro! I will look forward to that fix and again I am most grateful for your efforts to keep this great program current; I know it takes a lot of work. - Oct 31 2010
Hi Pedro:

Thanks for the fast reply. It compiles under the released 4.4.4 KDE, but not 4.5.0 "factory" nor 4.5.2 "Release" (I have 7 machines running 11.3) I'll try to figure it out and let you know. I may try to learn how to pack an RPM to install from the other machines into my target machine ... just an area I'm not experienced in. I was hoping the 2.4.0 version would show the lyrics in a few troublesome .kar's where the pointer jumps ahead in the lyrics weirdly; the very old kmid worked on those files (ie, africa.kar ), but otherwise 2.3 is working.

In any case, thank you so much for keeping this project alive! - Oct 28 2010

I was enthralled to find kmid! I do have 2.3 working but when I try to compile 2.4.0 it hangs at 34% while trying to compile midimapper.o. I am not very conversant with debugging cmake setups (pretty good with the other tools), and I would be happy to try to help figure this out if I had some pointers where to look. I tried the verbose option to cmake but that didn't seem to show anything. Thanks for maintaining this great package. - Oct 26 2010