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Jan 11 2008
MPlayer. - May 18 2007
File/Load Subtitles works fine, but the Player/Subtitles menu was not enabled initially right after you loaded subtitles. This is fixed in KPlayer 0.6.2. - May 18 2007
I think I agree with this solution. It should satisfy most people: newbies will have all the actions available to them, and more advanced users will be able to hide some or all of them if they want to. It won't be a high priority change, so it may take a while to add that option. - May 18 2007
I've looked at the link you posted the other day
and I see some kplayer-debuginfo-0.6.1 packages on there. Maybe that is what you are looking for?
- Mar 08 2007
Hmm... I guess it's time to open a bug then. Over here please:

I am mostly interested in the console output from KPlayer.
- Mar 07 2007
Could you please explain what you mean? Or send me a link to a file that I can try for myself.

If the file has embedded subtitles that are displayed automatically, you can turn them off on the Player/Subtitles submenu.
- Mar 07 2007
Well it is true that those things are much easier to remove than to add them manually, that is the main reason I put them all on there. Unfortunately Konqueror will always show them on a directory no matter what's in that directory.

In the future we can have a nice little interface for adding and removing those entries easily. But for now if enough people complain I can remove some of them of course.

Which ones do you think should stay? Let's have a vote...

I vote for Play definitely, maybe Queue also. I don't care much about the other ones.

What do you think?
- Mar 07 2007
If you know who to talk to, could you please talk to them? Since I'm not a suse user...

By fiasco I meant the licensing deal, but let's not get started on it. GPLv3 will sort it out.
- Feb 02 2007
It seems there are no suse packages, and also no information on how to ask for them.

The overall impression is that after the recent fiasco anything suse is kinda deprecated.

Maybe time for a switch?
- Feb 02 2007
From reading RFC 1738, this is not even a valid HTTP URL. Plus, kdelibs don't support it either. If you click it, Konqueror does nothing. So if kdelibs are changed to allow that, KPlayer will support it without any changes, otherwise there is not much that can be done. - Jan 17 2007
.moc files are auto generated by the moc compiler

$ moc -v
Qt Meta Object Compiler version 26 (Qt 3.3.7)
- Jan 17 2007
It's in admin/

Please let me know if it works with 2.10, and I'll remove the check in 0.6.1.
- Jan 17 2007
It's in admin/cvs/sh.

Please let me know if it works with 2.10, and I'll fix the check for 0.6.1.
- Jan 17 2007
The new version should be at least as good as the old one as far as playing files.

Please create a debug log as described at and post it on the user forum:

Or come to #kplayer on IRC and we'll figure it all out. :)
- Jan 16 2007
Debian packages are now available thanks to Christian Marillat.

See above in the project description or go to

Not sure if they will work on Kubuntu, so please post here if you try them.
- Jan 16 2007
Hi there,

It's been a long time since I last came to kde-apps, so I missed your posts by more than a month, sorry.

Funny thing though, I've been working on many of the things you mention for the last year or so. If you could compile the current CVS and give it a try, you will see that many of your wishes have already come true. :) Playlist Editor has been replaced with a new feature called Multimedia Library, look in there for all the new stuff.

In the future, if you have more suggestions about KPlayer, please post them on the KPlayer user forum at SourceForge, so they land in my inbox right away, but are publicly visible at the same time. I really like your ideas, please keep them coming! - Jan 26 2006

All of that is supported by KPlayer. Embedding in Konqueror and KMLDonkey has been supported since 0.4, and rtsp:, mms: and pnm: protocols since 0.5.

Have you installed from source or some kind of binary package?

You can look for a mms.protocol file under the global services directory, like /usr/share/services or similar. If it was installed correctly, it should have a line like exec=kplayer '%u'. Also make sure that there is no local mms.protocol under ~/.kde/share/services

For the embedding part, check for a kplayerpart.desktop file under the same global services directory, and also and files under the KDE lib directory, like /usr/lib/kde3 or similar. Of course you should also have KPlayer at the top of the list on the Embedding tab in File Associations for each MIME type you want it to play in Konqueror.

Please let me know what you get.

Thank you for using KPlayer!

K - Jan 15 2005
Yes, you are obviously right. In fact I am planning an option like that in KPlayer 0.6. But 0.6 will take a few months to be complete and released.

For now you need to choose File/Open URL and type in vcd://1 or whatever is the track number you want to play. After that the entry will show up on your playlist as well as the Open Recent menu, in case you want to play a VCD/SVCD again. - Oct 21 2004
What option do you use to tell MPlayer which config file to use? - Oct 12 2004

You don't need any command line option. KPlayer is a KDE program, which means all functionality is available through the user interface!

The feature you are looking for is called File Properties.

First of all, remove any -vop options from mplayer.conf.

Open KPlayer and load the file you want to play with subtitles. Then go to the File menu and choose Properties. Choose Advanced on the left and put the -vop=expand option into the Additional Command Line Arguments field.

By the way, in recent versions of MPlayer the -vop option is now called -vf.

Please let me know if you get any more problems. - Oct 12 2004
Right now you can only do that by (very carefully) editing the kplayerui.rc file. Don't forget to keep a backup.

I may add the toolbar config feature in the next version, 0.6, but that won't be ready until next year, sometime in spring probably.

Can you tell me what is wrong with the contrast button? - Oct 07 2004
> 1. Yes, tooltips would be great!!!

They are now in the CVS. Check it out to see if they are any less confusing...

> 2. Most of all Settings lack ICONS :(.

That's because noone made them. I am not a graphic artist. So your best bet here is to contact the author of your favorite icon theme(s), let them know how much you like KPlayer :-) and very politely (but firmly :-) suggest to them the idea of making icons for KPlayer actions (like brightness, contrast, shuffle, open URL, whatever) as well as pages in the settings dialog.

> 3. File Association is not present in the Settings, I want to play all Audio and Video files with Kplayer!

Good idea. Could you please submit it here: so it does not get forgotten? Thanks!

> 4. The message window: the error dialog just popups up. nobody like popups
> without 'Close' button and 'don't show this message again []' checkbox.
> or better please show error message in a simplified manner in the 'Status'
> bar with Bold Red Color
> like:
> File not Found
> instead of displaying the whole Mplayer's message.

You can submit this as well, but I will need to think about the best way to do this, as right now there is no good way to put a check box in the message log. Maybe make it an option in the right click menu? By the way, I am pretty sure message log does have a Close button. ;-)

kiriuja - Jul 27 2004
Could you please list specific settings that are difficult to understand?

If they were not useful, they wouldn't be there. I am in the process of adding tooltips and whats-this hints for every setting. Do you think this will help?

I will think about the systray thingy though. May have a 0.5.2 release in a month or two. - Jul 22 2004
Of course video should be shown inside KPlayer. Chrber is right that you may have a "gui=yes" somewhere either in /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf or in ~/.mplayer/config, so if you find it just comment it out.

Another possibility is that your MPlayer is using an odd video output like "-vo gl" or somesuch. By default KPlayer tells MPlayer to use "-vo xv", but if the XVideo extension is not loaded, that will fail and MPlayer will fall back on other outputs. Look in the message log to see what actually happens.

More information in the KPlayer Installation Micro-HOWTO:

and the Basic Configuration Micro-HOWTO:

I will think about the system tray thingy for 0.6. :-) - Jul 06 2004
Put a URL like dvd://1 in the File Open URL dialog. KPlayer will then play your DVD and also put the URL on the playlist. After that you can just select it from the list, be it the drop down list or the editor list, and KPlayer will play DVD again.

I will try to add better DVD support in 0.6, but I will do my best to avoid cluttering the GUI with extra buttons. - Jul 06 2004

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Jan 06 2004
As of 0.4 KPlayer now accepts multiple files on the command line. So you don't need to overwrite the kplayerrc anymore. - Jan 09 2004
Kaffeine Player

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Jul 06 2008
... but what are the advantages over KPlayer?

Well, I haven't tried Kaffeine yet, but one advantage I see is that is has an equalizer. Especially if it doesn't use artsd.

On the other hand, I see having several separate top level windows as a major disadvantage.

When will we see steps for an integration of the two applications?

When someone with great design and coding skills comes in and does the integration. Neither I nor Jürgen seem to have any time to spend on that. So it is unlikely to ever happen, which is a pity because there is tons of duplicate effort going on here. Playlist support is one example of code that could have been written as a component and used by both programs. - Jan 08 2004
Noia for KDE 1.00

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Sep 18 2003
Hi Carlitus, thank you so very much for the great work!

I can't believe your icons are not going into KDE 3.2! Any idea why? In my opinion they must go into 3.2! (Sorry about so many exclamation marks. :-)

Any chance to make an icon for KPlayer and its buttons?
Right now it uses icons "borrowed" from various themes, including Noia of course, but having its own special icons would be great! - Sep 17 2003
Hey Carlitus,

Your icons are the coolest ever!

Could you please make an app icon for KPlayer?

Thank you for your great work! - Feb 06 2003
You should be trying noia09 instead. Make sure the .tar.gz file with full path is in the text box. After you click Install New Theme, Noia should show up in the list of icon themes available. Select it and then click Apply. - Nov 27 2002
Right now Noia is probably not ready to be the default icon theme, but if Carlitus keeps up the pace, it could well be for when KDE 3.2 is out.

I installed Noia 0.9 yesterday, the icons do look great, although some of them kind of fall out of the Noia style. I know it's a work in progress, of course. Thanks a lot for the icons, Carlitus! - Nov 27 2002