Openbox Themes by envyouraudience 4 comments

...I'm a sucker for orange and black things... :)

Thanks for this theme and opening my eyes to the GTK theme, too.

*high five* - Jul 13 2008
Murrina verde e blu

GTK2 Themes by 1pol 7 comments

Nothing wrong with a another Murrine based theme if it looks nice...

And your theme looks pretty nice. :) Reminds me of the "candy" color scheme I've seen floating around here. That isn't a bad thing, though. - Jul 12 2008

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by arialis111 3 comments

Thank you for the port! :) - Jul 12 2008
Ermine Tux GTK

GTK2 Themes by kiwiremysaotome 4 comments

Thank ya much.

What is it about the font that needs fixing (if you don't mind explaining)? :P

If anything, I think getting the colors for the fonts was pretty difficult. I honestly didn't know what kind of grey to use. Any input on that would be awesome.

(But if you're talking about the actual font itself... It's one o' dem Artwitz fonts. Lime, actually.)

Thanks for the comments. - Jul 07 2008
Cafe Con Leche (Murrina)

GTK2 Themes by islington 16 comments

This is a very nice first try. :)

I like it. - Jul 06 2008
Ermine Tux GTK

GTK2 Themes by kiwiremysaotome 4 comments

This is true.

I can use low contrast themes without any issues, but what may seem easy to read for me may not be easy to read for others.

When I was poking around with this theme, I thought about making it readable, yet not too scarring on the eyes. (Maybe I should change the main font color to white and see if that makes things better / worse.) It works for me, but I do wonder if this works for other people without any problems.

Considering that I stare at a monitor for extended periods of time, usability is something that I'll certainly make note of.

Thank you for the feedback. :)

(There needs to be a karma system on here or something so I can mod ya up!) - Jul 06 2008

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 13 comments

I can second that. :) *thumbs up* - Jul 06 2008

GTK2 Themes by polachok 7 comments

Nice work with the mod! :) - Jul 06 2008

Window-Maker Themes by Boomzoomer 5 comments

...But this does look like a pretty nice theme. :) I love the color scheme. - Jul 03 2008
Free as in Beauty

Wallpaper Other by fmrbpensador 12 comments

Holy crap... These are AWESOME!

Great wallpapers! (And distro neutral, too.)

Awesome job! - Jul 01 2008

Openbox Themes by PrimoTurbo 5 comments

I likes. :) - Jun 30 2008

Openbox Themes by okraits 5 comments

Love this theme to bits, I do. Great job to you (and the original themer). - Jun 23 2008

Openbox Themes by envyouraudience 2 comments

Keep on churnin' out some nice themes, eh? :) - Jun 16 2008

Openbox Themes by urukrama 4 comments

I'm a sucker for themes like this one... Great job and keep making themes. :) - Jun 16 2008

Openbox Themes by avalan 2 comments

Great first theme! Here's to hoping that you'll whip up some more themes... :) - Jun 16 2008
Shiftie July PekWM

Pek-WM Themes by Izo 4 comments

Nice looking port ye gots there. :) - Jun 16 2008
yettenet's Black and White

Openbox Themes by yettenet 2 comments

This is a very nice theme. :) Hopefully you'll keep making some more... - Jun 06 2008
Murrina Gnoxical

Openbox Themes by siema 1 comment

I likes dis. :)

Yet another (very) nice Openbox theme. - Jun 03 2008

Openbox Themes by urukrama 3 comments

This theme's very nice, simple, and the color scheme's awesome. Great job! - Jun 03 2008
Openbox Nodoka

Openbox Themes by nabl 4 comments

I finally have a theme to go with Nodoka... Great job! :) - May 28 2008
Clay Pot

Openbox Themes by kiwiremysaotome 7 comments

Hey. Sorry about that. Can't be on the internet all the time. :P But yes, you got all of them right except for the panel.

(It's lxpanel.) - May 28 2008
Clay Pot

Openbox Themes by kiwiremysaotome 7 comments

Lots of nice game-based wallpapers. Pretty much just screenshots of levels and cutscenes within a whole lot of games. There's also a whole lot of platforms and games to choose from.

It's a pretty nice website...

And for future ref, check out (Social Wallpapering). I get a lot of my wallpapers from there, too. - May 27 2008
I'm a sucker for dark themes... This is right up my alley!

Thanks for sharing this with us Openbox folk. :P - May 12 2008
Bleaauuleeu dark

Fluxbox Themes by barteks77 1 comment

I may not use Fluxbox, but this is pretty nice...

(I'm a sucker for simplicity.) =) - May 10 2008

Openbox Themes by okraits 2 comments

Nice port there, buddy! :P

Keep up the good work. - Feb 15 2008

Openbox Themes by gabehcuod 2 comments

This is a great theme! :P You did a nice job of making it very clean and useable with quite a few gtk themes.

Keep up the good work! :) - Feb 15 2008

Openbox Themes by urukrama 3 comments

This is a sexy lil' theme!

I love your themes... Keep on makin' them! - Feb 04 2008

Openbox Themes by dimaka 8 comments

Great job!

Keep up with the good work, eh? - Jan 22 2008

Openbox Themes by urukrama 3 comments

I like it quite a bit...

More! Mooooore! :P - Jan 22 2008

Openbox Themes by envyouraudience 10 comments

Nice and simple...

Keep up the good work. - Jan 22 2008

Openbox Themes by ukw 4 comments

I like it! It's clean, lean, and it fits in with a few other GTK themes...

Keep up the good work. - Dec 26 2007
1977 Openbox

Openbox Themes by thayerw 21 comments

This theme is very spiffy! Love the colors, and it looks great with Murrine Candy, too... - Dec 21 2007
Prelude (brown)

Openbox Themes by urukrama 1 comment

Both of your prelude themes are very well made...

*thumbs up* - Dec 21 2007

Openbox Themes by urukrama 3 comments

This is a very lovely theme. Keep up the good work, eh? - Dec 21 2007

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by deadcow 6 comments

This is beautiful... :) - Aug 29 2007
Final Order

Full Icon Themes by vicviper 38 comments

This is very nice... :P I look forward to using it. - Aug 29 2007

Fluxbox Themes by WildTangent 3 comments

I don't use fluxbox... But I'll be sure to bookmark this theme when I install it (eventually). :) Very nice mod. - Aug 29 2007
Green Apple

Wallpaper Other by Jtike75 4 comments

This is great. :P

Keep up the good work! - Aug 29 2007
mired in darkness

Openbox Themes by fuscia 4 comments

This is pretty good for a "mess". :) - Aug 29 2007
Nova-OrangeBlack (gtk2+openbox)

Openbox Themes by msart2k 4 comments

This looks pretty nice.

Keep up the good work, eh? - Aug 29 2007

Openbox Themes by urukrama 7 comments

I agree... This is indeed pastel done right!

It's nice and soothing... I like. :P - Aug 29 2007

Openbox Themes by lyrae 7 comments

Ah... nice, simple, and clean... You've certainly got some major skills when it comes to making themes. :)

Can't wait to see more of your work. - Aug 28 2007

Openbox Themes by zero-gravity 3 comments

Just the title in the menu would be fine.

Thanks a bunch! - Aug 14 2007

Openbox Themes by zero-gravity 3 comments

I like this. (It's very clean, indeed.)

Is it possible for you to make this in orange, too? :P

(Please and thank you.) - Aug 14 2007
Pink-esque Love

Openbox Themes by kiwiremysaotome 2 comments

Thanks. I'll remember to keep everything in its original size. (But then again, should it matter? Seeing that on the DeviantArt page, there's a nicely sized screenshot? Well, I'll still keep the screenshot size in mind.)

And emo? :P Psh. This theme was fueled by pure boredom and sleepiness. - Aug 12 2007
zen yellow

Openbox Themes by crimeboy 4 comments

This is quite smooth. I likes it. :P - Aug 12 2007