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Kirill Lashuk Minsk, Belarus

Conky by helmuthdu 931 comments

No problem =) Using your layout for mpd and some googling I've written my own python script that adds album cover to mpd info. But the problem is the same: if there are no any references to mpd_* variables in .conkyrc itself than all mpd_* variables from external script are displayed as '(null)'. And when I add '${if_mpd_playing}' to .conkyrc than all variables from my external script are treated correctly.

It's really strange, but I don't think the problem is with conky-colors. May be it's a minor conky's bug or my own specific problem =) - Aug 11 2010

Conky by helmuthdu 931 comments

Oh, sorry. I've looked again on this script. It just prints variables' names, but not their values. That's ok.

But I still have the problem with this script. It shows only '(null)'s instead of all mpd_ values.

And absolutely strange thing is that everything became ok if I add $mpd_status (or any other mpd_ variable) right after '${execpi 10 ~/.conkycolors/bin/conkyMPD}' line in my .conkyrc. In this case conky shows all mpd info: mpd status (from variable I've added) and than output from your script. And if I remove line I've just added and restart conky I get '(null)'s again =( I know this sounds crazy, but may be you know what can be wrong with it? - Aug 11 2010

Conky by helmuthdu 931 comments

Hi, thank you for such a great work. I've just installed conky and conky-colors and they're great. But there is small problem with bin/conkyMPD script. It uses mpd conky variables (such as $mpd_album and others) that are not defined in this shell script. As the result all I get in conky are '(null)' for all mpd stats.
Hope you will fix it. Anyway, ty again =) - Aug 11 2010

Qt Tools by KL-7 5 comments

I know, how to perform rotation =)
And I understand your idea about index access. I'll try to implement that all.
And what about clustering? I really dont know, what is this... =( - Sep 15 2009

Qt Tools by KL-7 5 comments

At first, thanks for comment =)
And now...

Quote:Things I'm missing:
* scroll wheel zoom
* node rotation via context menu
How about Ctrl+wheel? Unfortunately, I'm a single-OS user, but Ctrl+wheel works fine for me on WinXP.
About rotations.
Do you mean rotations like in Red-Black Trees? It'll be a good idea to perform a rotation... It'd be better to implement red-black tree, but I'm not interested in them right now =)

Quote:One thing I really would love to explore with binary trees is keeping node counts with each node. Each node would store the number of nodes in its subtree and thereby would allow O(n)=c*ld(n) random access on the tree. Of cause such node counts would need to be updated during insertions/rotations...
Storing and updating subtree size for every node is not difficult and it's a good information. The app dont count it right now, but maybe I'll add it into the next release. =)

Anyway random access (e.g., while removing node by value) is performing for O(h), where h = tree height, so it's O(ld(n)). Am I right?

And what is 'clustering nodes'? I'm quite familiar with tree algorithms, but not in English =( - Sep 15 2009
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