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Benjamin Hardy Toronto, Canada
GTK2 Themes

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

Score 63.3%
Mar 03 2010
It is now released! (there went the whole day ) - Mar 03 2010
Glow Ibex

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

Score 58.0%
Aug 19 2008
I've never liked Ubuntu's use of brown and orange, but you made it look very good. Is there any way to make the sliders a little bigger, they're tiny. - Feb 18 2010
KDE4 Oxygen new port for GNOME

GTK2 Themes 48 comments

Score 58.0%
Aug 07 2008
the download links to a youtube video of a cat - Feb 18 2010
Ubuntu Dust

GTK2 Themes 125 comments

Score 70.0%
Sep 08 2008
The biggest flaw in this otherwise great theme are the scrollbars. I find The arrows look horribly blurry. Look at the scrollbar and the arrows in KDE's Oxygen theme. I think the theme uses pixmaps for the scrollbars, but the author could use the scrollbars and arrows from the latest murrine engine, they look quite nice. - Jan 16 2010
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes 347 comments

Score 74.0%
Jan 03 2009

Great engine!

I'm wondering what kind of ways I can control the look of the scrollbar and slider widgets. I'm new to tweaking gtkrc files bytheway.

Handles, on or off? lines? dots?
Gradients in the scrollbar background?
Different style of arrows?

Thanks. - Feb 11 2009
Aurora Smooth

GTK2 Themes 90 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 12 2009
Does the engine support kind of alternative styles for sliders and scrollbars? Like circle sliders for example? Can handles be turned on or off like in Murrine? How can the scrollbar background be controlled? Although I like Murrine themes, Aurora seems to be something I like most. Except the absence of documentation. I'm new to gtkrc files though. I decided to ask you because you seem to know what you're doing. - Feb 11 2009
I like this theme, except I'm not quite happy with the sliders and scrollbars.
How would I make the slider handles bigger? Does Aurora also support clearlooks or oxygen like arrows? - Feb 05 2009

Metacity Themes 8 comments

by fym
Score 43.3%
Jan 07 2009
I recently downloaded the metacity theme and the bottom corners are still not right. Did you upload the fixed version?
thanks. - Feb 06 2009
New Wave

GTK2 Themes 277 comments

Score 72.2%
Dec 14 2009
Looks good except I find the scrollbar button (what the heck do you call it exactly?) to be a little outdated looking. The rest of the scrollbar looks good though, I wish it was this good in Dust which needs work.

Maybe some more colours here and there throughout the theme? Without much colour it isn't distracting, but a little depressing over time.

Very clean looking otherwise. - Feb 06 2009
Excelsior (Engine)

GTK2 Themes 85 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 08 2009
most of what you have looks great. I especially like the progress bar and how the tabs look. The scrollbar arrows are an eye sore to me however.

Good job so far. - Mar 20 2008
Score 50.0%
Jul 07 2010
Score 80.4%
Feb 22 2010
Dust Cold

GTK2 Themes
by ripps818

Score 72.2%
Feb 18 2010

Gnome Screenshots
by kai100

Score 50.0%
Feb 07 2010

Wallpaper Other
by Lemonade

Score 50.0%
Feb 07 2010

GTK2 Themes
by nale12

Score 62.5%
Feb 04 2010
New Wave

GTK2 Themes
by dilomo

Score 72.2%
Feb 03 2010

Full Icon Themes
by perfectska04

Score 83.5%
Jan 28 2010

GTK2 Themes
by perfectska04

Score 75.8%
Jan 28 2010