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michele barontini
Clifford Brown

Window-Maker Themes by rustybutt 2 comments

Beautiful surprise. This photo is gorgeous, I must admit now that Window Maker has something Jazzy.

Thanks for this beautiful suggestion! - Nov 18 2013

Window-Maker Themes by Boomzoomer 5 comments

Nice theme among the best recently made for WM. Thank you! - Nov 05 2011
Black is BeautiFull

Wallpaper Other by sanzoy 3 comments

You have beautiful works in other colours but anyway Black is Beautiful, no doubt! - Oct 31 2010

Wallpaper Other by taner 21 comments

Taner, I like your works. I mean in general. It's like I understand what you do.

Keep on searching and you'll find more.

Thank you

- Jan 05 2008

Wallpaper Other by RUOK 4 comments

Come by and give us some more of your crazy futuristic Russian arts we miss this and the android is sly but you can't stand it more than 5 minutes fixed on a screen, give us some real futurism!

Yeah man! - May 17 2007

Wallpaper Other by grutensaie 1 comment

nice idea! I like it in itself, screensaver or not, computer or not, I'll have a try though ... - Oct 07 2006