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Marvin Baudach Berlin, Germany
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Glassified MacOS (left/right)

Compiz Themes 10 comments

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Aug 15 2010
"to reach the same thing in Maverick, here is another easier way. You just need four little Programs from synaptic: Emerald-theme-manager, gnome-color-chooser, compiz-settings-Manager and fusion-Icon.

Then for enabeling desktop-effects, go to the Metacity-theme_amanger and there go to "Desktop-Effects" and take the second or better the third Option

Then go to gnome-color-chooser and there go to "engines". There you have to take three points, where you have to change setings: the first one "general", the third one "Panel" and the fourth Start-Menu".
There you set the engines to "murrine" and then you go to "setings" right beside it and there you scroll down until you find the pint where you can enable RGBA-Effects. There you must check the boxes. Then close the gnome-colorchosser.
Then we change over to Compiz-settings-Manager. There we go to "opacity,Brightness and Saturation".
There you go to the points "opacity", "brightness" and "saturation. There you see the option "Window specific settings". In the first one with "opacity", you put the button to 75 and into this prompt you enter "any" (but without the "" !!). In the second one with Brightness, you put this button to 91 and enter the same word into this prompt (also please without these "" !!). Then in the last where it says "saturation", you put the buton to 90 and again enter the word "any" (also without these "" !!!) into this prompt.

Then close Compiz and go to fusion-Icon.
There you change the Window-decorator from gtk to Emerald and close fusion-Icon.

For the last step, you go to Emerald-theme-Manager and import your favorite Emerald-theme, select it and voilá, you're done."
Karmicbastler - Aug 02 2010
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Glassified MacOS (left/right)

Beryl/Emerald Themes 13 comments

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Aug 15 2010
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