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Lukasz Konieczny , Poland

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by dave
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Oct 15 2004
awesome - Mar 10 2008

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Apr 11 2008
Amarok theme doesn't work for me. Downloaded it, then in Amarok settings -> configuration : amarok -> appearance -> install new theme, picked nouvext2.5-amarok, no changes. Splash screen does not work either, downloaded it then system settings -> splash screen -> add new, doesn't recongize downloaded packade as ksplash theme. I copied it the /usr/share/apps/themes, it appeared in possible splash screens but does not work. Is it a curse or I am doing something wrong or is my kde somehow broken ? Please, get me unstuck. - Mar 09 2008
This will be the first major change in my desktop, however I got no clue whatsoever how to install the whole thing. I only managed to set the wallpaper by far =). Downloaded the .kth file, clicked on it but nothing happens, could anyone enlighten me ? - Mar 09 2008
black + white icons

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Oct 16 2006
My computer and system settings icons are either missing or simply dont show up, anyone had such a problem ? - Mar 08 2008