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Zdenek Koprivik , Czech Republic
I've probably found another bug. I use dull glass appearence but it seems that I've got another gradient on "pressed" buttons and tabs. - Jun 18 2008
I use the latest version of QtCurve for all 3 toolkits. I wonder if there is a way to make Qt4 use my KDE3 icons as GTK2 apps do.
Now I get some default icons in Qt4 apps e.g. in open/save dialogs.

Thx - Jun 17 2008
I haven't set this in QtCurve's config and it's happening only in GTK apps.

I've sent you an email via - Mar 26 2008
I really like QtCurve it's the best style! :-)
Here's few "bugs" I've found:

First: I've just upgraded from 0.56.2 to 0.57.1 and noticed that I have "Fully Rounded" appearence in GTK apps instead of "Slightly Rounded" which is set in config. In QT3 I've got Slightly Rounded.

Second: When I use "Lines" checkbox in Listviews it also only works for QT. No lines in GTK apps. This hadn't ever worked as I can remember.

I would like to have the option for choosing "focus rectangle"'s color.
In some older version I had it colored with highlight color which I liked, now it's always grey.

In GTK apps when you have something selected (it has a highlight color) it becomes grey when the window loses focus. In QT apps it remains with the highlight color which looks better for me.

See the screenshot:

Anyway great style, thanks for your work.

Bye - Mar 19 2008
OpenOffice.org1.1 toolbar icon themes

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by kol 130 comments

Will this work with OOo 2.x?
Or is there another way how can I set my KDE icon theme to be used by OOo?
(I'm using Vista Inspirate icons)

Thanks for help - Feb 21 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 62 comments

it's wonderful theme, I really like it and use it in both KDE and Gnome,
but would it be possible to make Firefox theme like for NuoveXT, please?
It's the last thing I am missing to have a perfect desktop ;)

Or if you are too busy, please let me know and I try to do it myself, thx.

KOPRajs - Jan 25 2007