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friedrich kossebau

Plasma Themes 67 comments

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Sep 25 2008
Sniff, the xml got simply wiped by the comment system on pressing "Send".
See then instead - May 17 2019
For people using Plasma 5.16, you can restore the clock hands to be properly pinned to the center again like in KDE4, by adding this snippet before the final "" in the widgets/clock.svg file:

- May 17 2019
Spoons Original

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May 16 2019
For the record, the now uploaded version updated for Plasma 5 has the fixed X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name :) - May 17 2019
Hi Ivan. I am currently playing around with themes in current Plasma 5, and think that Spoons is one of the more original themes worth to make work again.

Question: do you have time to care a bit for this, or shall I take over? No idea how to do the latter here on, possibly will have to create a forked product entry?

To unbreak the theme with current/upcoming versions of Plasma 5, at least this is needed:
change in the metadata.desktop file
otherwise GHNS/KNS will install this as an overload to the default theme (currently Breeze in the folder "default", breaking Breeze (and formerly Air/Oxygen).

Current released versions of Plasma blur things behind Plasma dialogs/tooltips, using the mask of the window. As workaround ons has to disable the Blur effect in the KWin windows settings. For the future (Plasma 5.16), the theme can control that blur behaviour though, but this entry in the metadesktop file:

- Mar 27 2019

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Mar 01 2020
I can confirm the tarball fetched via now installs properly using the Plasma Theme/Install From File GUI :)

How exactly do you try to upload new files? Going to point some admin to your problem here. - Apr 08 2019
Good looking and unique theme, *thumb_up*

There is a bug with the metadata.desktop file, which prevents the installation via the Plasma GUI:

X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name=Velours 5
is no valid entry, there cannot be a space in the name key (which is used as identifier).For the display name the normal Name= entry is used, so there the space is fine.

As result the automated installation using in the background kpackagetool fails when it checks the validness:

$ kpackagetool5 -t Plasma/Theme -i /path/to/velours-plasma5.tar.gz
kf5.kpackage: pluginname: "Velours 5"
Error: Installation of /path/to/velours-plasma5.tar.gz failed: Package plugin name Velours 5 contains invalid characters

So you might want to change this to (based on the folder name used in the tarball):

BTW, is uploading new files still broken? Would be a shame if this theme is not available via GHNS (once that bug is fixed of course :) ). Please tell, so we can poke the right people to look into it. - Apr 08 2019
Khalkhi framework

Groupware 2 comments

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May 28 2007
There is already a "Has Birthday" status service (for experiments), but currently it emits just signals when the day is started and when it ends. And it works just for a given person (like of a button of the Kicker applet), not for a whole list (list status services are still on the whiteboard). And currently only the applet cares for events.

But to answer your question, yes, it is possible :) It may be even just a few lines so it warns a few day before, just have a look at the code, in services/birthday, it should be very simple. - Mar 12 2007
Contacts framework

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

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Jan 21 2007
1. Correct.
2. Support for moving applets is given by Kicker, nothing an applet developer can do about. To move things around, undo the fixing of the kicker bars and click the small handler bar next to the applet, like one has to do for all applets (don't mix the treatment with that of builtin buttons, they behave differently :/ )
3. Icon is too huge? Iconsizes should be calculated by the size of the kicker bar. Could you send me a small screenshot, to show what you mean? kossebau (at kde org. - Dec 27 2006
no idea, why it only is shown after "unsermake install". I think that should be better shown directly after "configure". But I am not in the buildsystem business, just using the KDE scripts and svn2dist. - Dec 18 2006
Not too dump :) It's just a little bit complicated, as I want to promote the framework, which is not usable by itself, only for developers.
So plain users should just add the applet to Kicker and have fun. The config file is only needed for people adding their own properties and services, which includes coding :)

Hm. Perhaps I should promote the applet separately.

Added a hopefully useful comment to the description for now. - Dec 18 2006
Contacts applet for Kicker

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 39 comments

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Jan 21 2007
Hm, so KGlobal::iconLoader()->currentSize( KIcon::Small ) might ignore the double size flag, bah.

And yes, so far noone has packaged the current version. That is a shame, as IMHO things have enhanced a lot :) - Feb 08 2007
Interesting. I can't change it from 16, too. Well. Why not all icons are adapted, hm, perhaps the menu is still cached and doesn't update on the size change signal. Have to investigate some time.

Are the faces still small on next start of Kicker? - Feb 08 2007
The menu is filled in the files "contactmenufiller.cpp" and "contactlistmenufiller.cpp". The actions are filled by classes from the framework, see "allpropertiesdefaultactionservicemenufiller.cpp" and "actionservicemenufiller.cpp".

They all use the SmallIcon* classes to create the icons in the menu, which take the value from ControlCenter/Look/Symbols, tab Enhanced, select Small Symbols, Size box. So you can adapt it there, but that should change the size for all menus. If you want to change it only for the contacts applet, you have to add the Size behind the name in the call to SmallIcon*. See - Feb 06 2007
Did you install the Contacts framework before? There isn't a configure check for this yet, because in KDE's repository all the contacts stuff lives in the same module, sorry. See - Dec 29 2006
Hm. Strange. KAddressbook uses the same lib calls for loading the addressbook (except it loads asynchronously, the menu synchronously ATM). What addressbook resources are you using? Please try the following: In KAddressbook set up the resources to use, then close KAddressbook (saves the resource settings in the config). Then restart Kicker: "dcop kicker kicker restart". Do the addresses now show up in the menu?

What I experienced is that the menu (and so kicker as the menu "runs" inside the kicker process) does not update to resource selection changes (perhaps due to a bug in kdelibs?). Something I had no time to investigate so far. - Mar 04 2006
Selfmade, here as public domain...

[Color Scheme]
Name=Klax II
windowForeground=0,0,0 - Feb 15 2006
Plan with "visiting card" is to create on click a little window which serves as "visiting card" of the selected contact (compare KNotes' notes). So you can create multiple visiting cards and have them float around. It can be used like a contact's menu but does not disappear/hide on first use. I see several use cases for this.

Added simple support for edit of contact in KAddressbook's editor in 0.3.2. Due to a bug in KAddressbook it only works properly if KAddressbook is already running. :( - Feb 13 2006
Nice idea (linking contacts to email folders). But would need more thinking and coding than I can afford right now.

Perhaps something for KDE 4 :) - Feb 12 2006
Date reminders should be done by the clock/calendar IMHO. Too sad nobody has added alarm/reminder features into the clock applet yet...

Support for smarter/configurable grouping is on the TODO list. But this might take time until march 06 or later, sorry. Then, the source is there, go ahead yourself :P - Jan 30 2006
There your are, screenshot no. 2 added. :) - Jan 30 2006
Yes, I played already with this. Should be made configurable, so everybody can be pleased :) But this is only at the end of my TODO list, so don't hold your breath... :/ - Jan 30 2006
Done now :) Phone numbers are now shown (and can be copied to the clipboard). Perhaps it would be more usefull to have a little visiting card popup on the screen, like KNotes notes, for this kind of purpose? - Jan 30 2006
Yes, for now the tree producing algorithm is quite primitive, did not spend much time on it. So good algorithms to do this are welcome :) - Jan 30 2006
Kontact improvements & integration ideas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 22 comments

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Feb 01 2006
Be happy, the Contacts framework is able to make your idea reality! Have a look at

Anyone is welcome to write things like the LastFm plugins. Have a look into properties/examples as a starting point, and do not hesitate to contact me: kossebau (at kde org. - Jan 06 2007
Session applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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Jun 18 2006

no idea if it really works with KDE 3.3. It is prepared to, but I did not test it lacking a 3.3 on my machine. Please try and tell us.

What do you mean by "Switches"? Keyboard Shortcuts?

About how to lock: This is planned for 3.5. But will not be implemented in this preview (at least by me ;)

Friedrich - Jul 19 2005
Thanks for your comments.

2) The idea to show the status of a session (un-/locked) is good, will think about picking it up.

3) For now only running sessions are shown, due to kdm missing support for a call to start a session with a given user. Might change for 3.5, but no promises.

4) Well, I myself don't like the extra titles too much, but they help visually, really. Play with the code :)

5) Sometimes you might want to change this setting on the fly. I did ;) But there might be an option to suppress this setting. The default will be customizable, of course.

5 #2) too much visual noise I think.

On the removal of shutdown: These actions are usually used once upon a session so I think they do not deserve too much screen real estate on their own. And they all operate on the current session, so they should be available together.

Friedrich - Jul 12 2005