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ryan m
Ti Equilibrium

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Deciare 4 comments

for those who dont want to download a near 1mb image file:

i made a png but it was almost a MB! the jpg is far lesser in quality but you get the idea ;) - Apr 04 2003
Ti Equilibrium

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Deciare 4 comments

i can't get enough of it. if i weren't so manly, i'd use it as my desktop. but i've done the next best thing. i made a desktop for my wife so she can enjoy it.

sorry, but i stole almost every element from you ;)

perhaps you could create a theme for me ;)

keep up the good work,

ryan - Apr 04 2003

GTK1 Themes by Frank 11 comments

where'd you get it? i seem to recall suse 6.2 using that as the bg image when you just got done configuring xfree via yast. i really liked that bg image and i still do. i've been hard pressed in finding it though because i lost my 6-cd set and i really dont want to dl all 6 cds just to find it...

is there a site that i can dl it from? - Mar 16 2003
man i hate that guy. such a pompous ass. alotta of the linux haters out there complain about how ugly linux is more than they complain about "application compatibility". i know several windows users who'll spend hours getting their windows OS configured and tweaked just how they like it and proudly show off their desktop screenies but when they load linux, they expect it to automagically look just as pretty as the windows desktop they spent hours on.

what the hell's up with that? - Mar 16 2003
Tux Graffiti

Wallpaper Other by nate10588 3 comments

dude! it's just what i need for my work desktop. thanks! - Feb 07 2003
Tux Keeping Your Desktop Safe

Wallpaper Other by freetogoodhome 1 comment

sure, it's not the best graphically, but it's still really well done. i like it. you managed to put a smile on face on this otherwise dreadful day. kudos :D

ryan - Feb 07 2003