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Kristin Stickle El Paso, TX, United States of America
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Kbfx Startmenu

Kbfx Startmenu 6 comments

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Jun 01 2006
Thanks. You can find the wallpaper at It's in my gallery somewhere. - Jun 03 2006
A great idea! I think I will. :) - Jun 02 2006
First Sign of Spring

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 12 2006
Aw, rats. For some mad reason, Photobucket seems to have resized them. I could have sworn they met the filesize limit. Soon as I find some place to host them, I'll have the full sized versions up. Sorry about that. - Mar 25 2006

Ice-WM Themes 5 comments

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Mar 17 2006
I'm not certain why this has been voted down to 47%. It's clean and shiny, and does what it was designed to do -- it matches iPox. Using it right now, even. - Mar 14 2006
Sugarcoma Bunny

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Feb 27 2006
Thanks! Speaking of which, I should probably get back around to adding to my DeviantArt account here soon; I've neglected it for a couple of months and I fear the barrage of journals and deviations I'm going to have to sort through. ^_^ - Mar 03 2006
Thanks! Good to know! Oddly, SodiPodi doesn't appear to save them with an extension. I'll have to remember to add it when I save from now on. - Feb 28 2006
Yikes! I didn't recognize the name Dick Bruna right off the bat, so I did a Google on his name. You're right; this bunny does look a lot like Miffy. Though it wasn't intentional, now I can't stop comparing them. *meep* - Feb 28 2006
Pony in a Bottle?

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Mar 03 2006
Hey, that was one huge, expensive bottle! Never mind the impossible feat of loading a pony into it, hauling it to the beach, and setting it off to sea. Gimme some credit! ^_^
I miss my pony. :( *sniff* - Mar 03 2006

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Feb 28 2006
Thanks! There's a red version already in the archive. I probably should have mentioned it, but It was about 4:00AM when I uploaded this, so I wasn't all there. I also made a blue and a pink version, but including them put the archive over its size limit. I'll see if I can get them to fit a little later today, once I've had some caffeine in me. ^_^ - Feb 28 2006
KBFX Panic Button

Kbfx Startmenu 9 comments

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Feb 26 2006
(Wallpaper's up now) ^_^ - Feb 27 2006
The panel background's just a glassy, greyish gradient made in Gimp. It actually almost looks exactly like Djwilly's YAKBI (, so I didn't think to include it. YAKBI should be a perfect match. - Feb 27 2006
Good idea. I've updated the archive to include the source SVG. - Feb 27 2006
Thanks! The wallpaper is something I made partially as practice using only vector tools (no Gimp this time), and partially as an afterthought to match the buttons. I wasn't sure what sort of reaction something so sugar-coma-inducing would get at KDE/Linux themed site with a primarily male audience. So I snuck it into the screenshot ^_^. (Wow, does have some demoniacally cute stuff. Neat link!) - Feb 26 2006

XMMS Skins 5 comments

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Oct 10 2005
A very clean, perfect match, and no odd kinks so far. Good stuff! - Oct 10 2005