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Aug 06 2017
If kdesudo is unavailable, the menu will try to use kdesu instead (if it can be found in $PATH.

in (k)ubuntu 18.04, make sure that 'kde-cli-tools' is installed and then link kdesu executable into a $PATH directory, for example:
"sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libexec/kf5/kdesu /usr/local/bin/kdesu" and the menu should start to work again (apart from dolphin and kate/kwrite). - Oct 01 2018
I can confirm the behavior in dolphin. However, that part is handled by the file manager (and not by the service menu), so technically it is a bug in dolphin (which I cannot affect by the menu code). Seems like the bug doesn't affect krusader, for example, so it's likely specific to dolphin code. - Jun 29 2018
That seems doable, and if the policykit integration (see my response to your previous question) takes a lot longer, I could add these into the next feature release (if there will be one). - Jun 29 2018
First of all, sorry for the delayed response. I've been off-grid for a few weeks.

I had plans to setup a git repo for the menu (to make it easier for people to contribute), but did not get around to it. And currently it looks like the kio policykit integration effort for the kde file managers will eventually (once it is finished) make this service menu redundant (unnecessary) so there is not much point to spend too much effort on to this menu...I'll keep maintaining it for the foreseeable future of course. - Jun 29 2018
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, ssh-askpass won't work with the menu as it is.
The good news is that since KDE frameworks 5.34, you don't need to elevate your privileges anymore to edit files that you don't have write access to (you can just open the file normally in dolphin and you'll be asked for authorization when saving it), so the root action to open file as root is just redundant (and kept for legacy system support'll likely be removed in the future). - Nov 15 2017
KDE Applications 17.04 release has disabled running kate (and dolphin) as root.

I'm looking into using sudoedit in the menu, but unfortunately it's a bit trickier than I would have thought mainly because it's not trivial to use a graphical password dialog with sudoedit within the menu script (without external helpers).

Hopefully I'll come up with a workable solution, but cannot give a definite time line.

And there's nothing I can do about dolphin (there's currently no work arounds for it like there is for kate). - Apr 17 2017
Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll take a look at it, but can't make any promises as I'm not that keen to add/modify actions for specific file managers...I could still do it if I find a simple enough way to implement the feature, so this is not a definite "no", either.

That said, you could create an additional "Root Action" in krusader yourself:
1. Create a new user action in krusader user actions manager (fill in the details as you see fit...or copy an existing action to use as a starting template)
2. For the 'Command', set:
cp -rt "%oPath%" %aList("Selected")%
3. In the second tab, set "run as different user" to "root" - Feb 13 2017
Thank you.

I'll take a look and if there are no issues I'll merge the patches to the next version. - Jan 24 2017
Thanks for all your efforts in troubleshooting, and sorry for the delayed response (it took me a while to get qt5.6 installed).

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the issue on my end even with qt5.6 installed (the menu items work fine on my rig...tested with both kdesudo and kf5-kdesu).

I'll keep digging for the answers, and let you know if I can figure this one out...or if I can think of something else you can test on your end.
- May 14 2016
This is a bit of a head scratcher.

The problem is likely not with kdesu either, as you have reported that both kdesu (and kdesu5) work (when used manually). I guess you could temporarily rename /usr/bin/kdesu to "force" the menu to use kf5-fdesu to see if it makes a difference (or to completely rule out kdesu as the cause).

Looks like I'll have to get my hands on qt5.6 to see if I can make sense of what's going on.

Is the issue present with all the root actions (or just with the file manager option)?

- Apr 29 2016
Thanks for the swift response and the output.

Some additional questions:

1. The output suggests that you have KDE4 version of kdesu in $PATH, is that the case?
(run "which kdesu" to check)

2. If it is, does simple "kdesu -d -c dolphin" command work as expected, or is it also non-functional?

3. Do you have kf5 version of kdesu installed
(run "ls -l $(kf5-config --path libexec)kf5/kdesu" to check)

4. Just to confirm, the menu worked for you with Qt5.5? - Apr 27 2016
Thanks for your report.

Unfortunately I don't have qt5.6 yet so it might take a while to troubleshoot this, but:

1. Your installation of the menu should be fine, as you're getting the password that's not the issue.

2. Can you post the output if you run the following command in a konsole window:
" open_with defaultfm ./" - Apr 26 2016
Are you using version 2.9 of the menu?

It does not use an absolute path to kf5-kdesu, it's using kf5-config instead:
"$(kf5-config --path libexec)/kf5/kdesu", so it should work no matter what the actual path is.

In Gentoo, that should point to /usr/lib64/libexec/kf5/ can test it by running:
"echo $(kf5-config --path libexec)/kf5/kdesu" - Mar 30 2016
Version 2.9 includes the "--nofork" workaround, and should "fix" root konsole action. - Mar 22 2016
Version 2.9 should fix the "kf5 kdesu not in $PATH" issue.

While it works on my end, I cannot promise it fixes the "kate not opening issue" on mageia, so test results are appreciated (haven't tried mageia yet). - Mar 22 2016
Thanks for the extra information.

1. Strange that kdesu not being in path is a problem, as you mentioned that "other root actions work". It's baffling that it would work for other actions, but not "open with kate"??
(or did miss something).

2. I'll take a closer look next week, when I have more I can possibly set up Mageia in a virtual machine if necessary (as I can't reproduce the issue on my debian/kubuntu rigs)

3. Of course, any other insight or information you can provide in the mean time will be gladly accepted. - Mar 17 2016
I have a possible workaround by using --nofork option when calling konsole.

I'll have to test that a bit to see if it causes any issues, but if it seems to work ok I'll include that in 2.8.8 - Mar 17 2016
Upon closer examination, I don't think the issue is directly related to the root actions service menu.

The problem seems to be with either kdesudo or konsole itself, as a simple "kdesudo konsole" command is not working either, at least not on my end (perhaps you can confirm that on your end?).

I'll continue the investigation, maybe I can find a workaround or a reportable bug in kdesudo/konsole. - Mar 17 2016
Thanks for the report, I can replicate this issue on my end, which makes it easier for me to troubleshoot.

I'll start investigating the issue to hopefully get it fixed.

I'll post back any and all progress. - Mar 17 2016
Thanks for the report, I can replicate this issue on my end, which makes it easier for me to troubleshoot.

I'll start investigating the issue to hopefully get it fixed.

I'll post back any and all progree. - Mar 17 2016
To help troubleshooting, what is the output in konsole if you run:
Quote: open_with defaultte /path/to/a/text/file

(replace "/path/to/a/text/file" with a valid path to an existing file) - Mar 16 2016
Do you have a problem using the menu...or does the menu not show at all in dolphin context menu?

If the latter, it could be this:

if that's the case you can work around that by linking the konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop from kde4 to kf5:
"link -s /usr/share/kde4/servicetypes/konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop /usr/share/kservicetypes5/konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop"
(assuming you have standard installation paths)
- Sep 04 2015
Seems like a good idea to me, I'll add version number in 2.8.7. - Aug 19 2015
BTW, is this also with kwrite on kf5 like the first issue? Or is this issue also in kde4 kwrite?

None of the kf5 apps support the "--caption" option, and I thought I fixed this in the version 2.8.5, but looking at it now I made a simple mistake in incorporating the fix.

I'll upload 2.8.6 in a bit that hopefully fixes the issues, I'd appreciate if you could test the new tar to see if it works.
- Aug 19 2015
Thanks for reporting both issues, I don't use kwrite myself so I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

I also appreciate the suggested fixes, and will look into it for the next version. - Aug 19 2015
Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late response.

You're quite correct.

I've updated the documentation for kf5 and will take a look into the automatic install script for any changes necessary in the next version (2.8.6). - Apr 09 2015
Should be *really* fixed in 2.8.5 - Feb 27 2015
Oh wait, I might have uploaded a wrong version. :p - Feb 27 2015
The latest version 2.8.4 should bring back the reminders for KDE4 apps. The removal was just a temporary quick fix.

I'll add them to kf5 apps if I can find a way to do that.

KDE4 will be with us for a good while and I don't wish to remove features just for kf5 compatibility.

- Feb 27 2015
Thanks, that clever test will probably work fine.

I'll add it (with possible modifications) in 2.8.4...I'm delaying that for a while in case I can come up with a solution for the reminders in kf5/qt5 apps as well (-qwindowtitle doesn't seem to work).

If I can't find a way to get the reminders in kf5, I'll just use your test to get the reminders back in kde4 apps. - Feb 24 2015
Thanks for the report. I've noticed that apps ported to qt5/kf5 don't seem to recognize kde-options anymore, but was hesitant to remove it just yet since most people will probably be still using KDE4.

I'll likely remove the option in the next version, while I ponder the best way forward.

There is no repo for the script yet, but it's been on my to do list for a there probably will be a git repo in the future (especially now that I know there's a "demand" for it ;) ) - Feb 24 2015
The tar package includes an automatic installation script "" that should run automatically if you're downloading via dolphin's "get new services" button (however, the script won't run if ruby is not installed).

If the script doesn't run automatically, you can also run it manually, it will install the required files in the correct places. - Oct 02 2014
> I notice the changelog for 2.8 seems to address an issue that I've had.
> Here's the issue:
> kubuntu - KDEInit could not launch /usr/bin/kate - Ask Ubuntu
> 349093#349093

Yes, this should be fixed in 2.8

> My question is, How do I upgrade from 2.7.1 to 2.8? Can I just install 2.8
> on top of 2.7.a? Or do I have to uninstall the prior version?(I also asked
> this question at Thanks!

Either should work (provided you installed with GHNS. If you are using packages from your distribution, it's better to wait for those packages to upgrade).

I seem to recall GHNS had some problems with some upgrades in the past, but they might have been fixed already.

You can try upgrading first, and if that doesn't work remove and reinstall.

Do note that it takes a while for GHNS to pick up upgraded packages, at the moment the automatic installation from dolphin seems to still offer version 2.7.3 (and unfortunately the dolphin preview doesn't show the version number for some mysterious reason, I'm going to add version information to the description) - Jan 03 2014
First thing to check, do you have "ruby" installed?

Dolphin needs ruby to run install scripts in servicemenu packages.

If you have ruby installed (or installing it doesn't help), report back and I'll help you troubleshoot. - Dec 31 2012
It should use the default file manager (set in KDE settings, more precisely...the default application set to handle inode/directory mime type)

If one is not found (or xdg-mime is not installed), it defaults to dolphin as a fallback if available and konqueror should only be the "last resort" (if dolphin is not available).

Can you elaborate a bit on when and how you see the behavior (opening konqueror instead of dolphin) - Sep 10 2012
Sorry for the delayed response, I don't seem to get email notifications of new comments anymore (which I'll have to investigate when I have the time)

To your question:
It might be possible (in theory), but there are a few obstacles to a clean implementation, like permissions (permission/ownership of files would have to be changed to the user or the trash could not be cleaned, but that wouldn't help restoring the files).

Moving to root's trash would be somewhat trivial, but I originally decided against that.

I might look into a trash option for the next version, possibly as a configurable option (I did plan to include more configurability in the long run), can't promise anything though. - Sep 10 2012
Unfortunately, there is not much that I can do about that. I could add a test for ruby in the installer script, but the script won't run without ruby (so it wouldn't work).

I'll update the information on the top of the page to include the ruby requirement. The IMHO best solution would be to include ruby as a "recommended" dependency to dolphin (it's currently only a "suggested" dependency in kubuntu...which means it isn't installed by default) - Apr 06 2012
Do you have "ruby" installed?

GHNS installation (in dolphin settings) requires ruby to run the install script. - Apr 05 2012
I finally managed to find the time to check out opensuse 11.4, and I noticed similar errors with the I think that confirms the issue.

This is not the same "bug" as the one fixed with the "-c" option, though, and so far seems to be present in opensuse only (the few other distros I've tried it with work as expected with either kdesu or kdesudo...with KDE 4.6.2).

I'm not that familiar with the internals of opensuse, so it may take me a while to get this one fixed. But I'll keep it open and try to dig in a bit more. - Apr 26 2011
Thanks for the report, will fix in the next update.

I'll add a test for the directory and create if necessary. - Apr 19 2011
And I'm back, thanks for responding...again :)

Nothing immediately apparent there so I might need to grab a copy of OpenSuse to see what's going on...I'll report any progress here.

I assume /usr/bin/X11 is a symlink to /usr/ you don't actually have to versions of the script installed? - Apr 19 2011
Thanks for the additional info, I'll look into it. I'll be going away for the weekend, so I can't get to this until next week, but if you could answer a few more questions I'd have a bit more to chew on once I get back:

1. Do you get an error for all actions (or just delete)?

2. What is the output if you run 'whereis' in a terminal?

3. Can you post the output if you run ' root_delete /path/to/the/file_you_wish_to_delete' in a terminal (to see if the menu reports any errors in the terminal) - Apr 14 2011
Correction: "rm -f -r" - Apr 13 2011
Thanks for the report.

Are you sure you're getting the error from the rootactions menu?

The script does not run "rm -r -f" at any point.

When you delete an item with the menu, it should run (if using kdesu):
kdesu -d -c "'' do_delete '/path/to/target'", and the actual removal is done with:
rm -r --preserve-root '/path/to/target'

I'll look into it, but would gladly accept any additional details on the issue (if you have them).

- Apr 13 2011
Krayscale (Plasma tray icons)

Icon Sub-Sets 30 comments

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Jul 30 2014
Your iconset shouldn't override the plasma icons.

However, sometimes you may need to reload the plasma theme, restart applications and/or clear your icon and/or plasma cache files for the svg icons to load.

Note that there is a problem with akregator (and kmail) svg icons (the message count won't show), so you may wish to keep using the normal icons for those. - Sep 27 2011
Quassel is in 0.8, kfilebox will have to wait a bit (0.9 probably) - Sep 20 2011
I'll include icon for quassel in 0.8 (I'll likely use the same icon as Konversation since most people will only use one or the other, not there should be no confusion)

As for kfilebox, I'll have to check whether it supports the plasma svg icons (there is already a regular png icon for kfilebox in the theme...but I can make an svg icon if kfilebox supports it.) - Sep 17 2011
Nice looking theme you got there.

Feel free to use the icons in any free themes, that's why they were made for. - May 14 2011
UFW KControl Module

System Software 48 comments

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May 23 2012
Thanks for the quick response.

KAuth seems a likely canditate as I seem to also have /.config/Trolltech.conf that lists kauth plugins and nothing else.

There could be something in KAuth that confuses / and /root. I'll take a look if I can make any sense of it (unlikely) and possibly file a bug at BKO (I hate to write vague bug reports like the one I wrote for you ;), I mainly wanted to confirm it wasn't a local issue) - May 12 2011
First of all, thanks for the great module.

At least on my machine, kcm_ufw_helper/kdebug seems to create a file /.kde/share/config/kdebugrc
(that's .kde under the root directory), contents:

I'm guessing that should be added to /root/.kde/share/config/kdebugrc

Not sure if this is a universal bug, though.

Details of my setup:
Kubuntu Oneiric Ocelot (devel version)
UFW Kcontrol module 0.2.1 (built from source) - May 11 2011
Score 82.9%
Nov 01 2009
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

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Nov 01 2009
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather
by clearmartin

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9   May 26 2015
UFW KControl Module

System Software
by CraigD

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9   May 11 2011