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Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
Many thanks, looks cool now. - Sep 11 2008
There is an ugly bug in the menubar of Konqueror (if the aqua preset is choosen).
Seems to be that the menubar of Konqueror is thicker than the default value.
See Image:
Would be cool if this could be fixed ;-)

Otherwise, thanx,good work :-D

kubuntufreak - Sep 10 2008
...displayed, because the file 'bespin.desktop' won't be installed.
So there is no entry in the windecoration-module of the systemsettings.
You can comment it out in the 'CMakeLists.txt' in the directory kwin.

good luck ;-) - Aug 04 2008
There seems to be a bug that affects the applications plasma and kwin:

When using the "Get Hot New Stuff" function and closing its window plasma will crash. The same bug lets crash kwin too, the backtrace is equal.

Backtrace see:

Hope you can fix the bug. - Jul 10 2008
Forgotten to say, that bespin is the best style in galaxy =) .

I have compiled and tested the rev. 201, but I couldn't reproduce the crash.

By the way, the displayed tabs were:
- a subpage of
- one empty tab

After the crash (with the rev 197) i had restored the session, and it crashed again, but after that, I didn't noticed an
additional crash.

By the way, there is a cosmetic bug when using scanlines. The scanlines of the Toolbar-buttons are offset, it would be nice if this could be fixed ;-)


- Jul 08 2008
I use the SVN-version of bespin, revision 197, the up-to-date version - Jul 08 2008
4 tabs were displayed in konqueror:

As i clicked on one tab, suddenly konqueror crashes.

I have looked at the backtrace and it seems to be caused by the tab-animation.
But i'm not 100% sure.

See backtrace at pastebin: - Jul 08 2008
Bright Brown

Plasma Color Schemes 1 comment

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Jul 28 2008
...which style i use: It's Bespin

Hint: Use the svn-version, it's much better ;-) - Jul 28 2008