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Brian R.
Dark Side Of The Login

GDM Themes by Gahag 4 comments

I love Floyd, this is perfect. - Jul 21 2008
Vortigo ( 3D+VU+Beryl+Dock )

XMMS Skins by ottlux 29 comments

This is a beautiful theme; I've run it on several installs of different distros, and on both KDE and Gnome. I always try out different themes and iconsets to try to get that perfect look for my system but always come back to this for XMMS and now Audacious.
Excellent work. - Jul 20 2008

Full Icon Themes by gluk 15 comments

I updated my system with a more technical look and the Buuf set didn't look right anymore. This is a great replacement, and fits right in with my new theme. Very nice work. - Jul 20 2008
Neskowin Beach

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by michaelchan 1 comment

There was another version of this about 6 mos. ago that didn't have the garish GNOME banner, just a simple stripe across it... The old one was mush better IMHO. - Aug 13 2007
Mirage 2

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Virus-cg 4 comments

Those are beautiful windows. I love the transparency of the console! - May 25 2007