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Naveen Kumarasinghe Colombo, SriLanka
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Aug 15 2012
Yes, but I'm not a script pro, so I haven't thought about checking for dependencies. However, if dependencies are already available in your system, they won't get removed. Nothing will be changed.
I may remind again ; please use MP4-H264 preset in case you need a smaller file size. Thanks for being my 1st app reviewer! :D - Aug 15 2012
My friend, I have thought a lot what you suggested. After spending a day, I worked out the progress bar! Additionally, now it gives a video preview too..
Unlike Windows, I feel harder to code in Linux.. but I never ended up with such a functional program in Windows.
Thanks for you suggestions! - Aug 15 2012
Thanks for the first impressions!! Well, this is my first app on Linux.

I don't know how did you find out the cause of the script issue, but it is due to the messed up debian package. I've removed it. The installation script works better than the deb package.
I'm working on, to display a progress bar instead of the terminal window.
If you need a lower file size, you should use something like the MKV container, or mp4 with H.264 compression. You can also lower the quality of the video, or specify a bitrate as you like. If you choose [MP4 - Best Quality - H264] that will result the lowest possible file size on earth. No converter, will be able to compress more than that, maintainning the same quality. - Aug 14 2012