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Stefan Gündhör , Austria

Plasma Themes by kusername 7 comments


Thank you for reporting, bug is fixed now ;)

Stefan G. - Jul 21 2009

Plasma Themes by kusername 7 comments

Hey, thx for your reply.

I guess you are right - even if it seems (at least for me) a bit childish to vote negatively because of a maybe not wisely chosen name.
I have chosen this name not because I am a Windows "fanboy" or something like this. I am not a fanboy of anything, I just want to have and use an OS as productively and comfortable as possible, and that's why I use Linux.

I just think that the Win 7 theme really looks nice ( I mean especially the task bar) - does this make me a Win-fanboy because I like the design? I have chosen that name because the theme can be seen as a competitor for the win 7 style - at least it is an alternative for people who like it and don't use Windows.

But I guess you are right and therefore I will change the name of the theme...

Stefan G. - Jul 05 2009