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Afisufi Grass

GDM Themes by cimoc 10 comments

This is a really beautiful theme -- it looks very professional and it is very unique compared to a lot of the other themes I have seen. Another thing is, the icons and user interface look like they would match well with many other backgrounds in addition to the one it's packaged with. Great job! Thanks for uploading it so everyone can enjoy it! :) - Apr 24 2009
xkill icon svg

Icon Sub-Sets by andoar 3 comments

Great icon! Thanks for sharing! :)

As a reply to the user who asked about how to use this with Gnome, here's how: instead of using the applet for xkill, create a custom program launcher and set this icon as the icon (you can put this icon in ~/.icons and then use it from there) and then set the command executed as "xkill" or "/usr/bin/xkill" and you're done (you can leave "run in terminal" unchecked). If you use the prefab xkill applet provided with Gnome, I don't believe it gives you the option of setting the icon. - Apr 12 2009
Rainy Soundscape

System Sounds by drowe859 22 comments

I tried the links for the sounds -- both the .tar archives and the .wav files and it seems that they're all dead. Could you re-upload them onto Megaupload or a host that will not delete them, please? From the wonderful reviews, I would certainly love to hear this theme. :)

Thank you,
Lady - Feb 16 2009

GDM Themes by Seppe 12 comments

Thank you for this beautiful GDM login. It reminds me of the logins that they have for the SLiM login manager (check it out if you'd like -- I like that your theme is minimalistic, it really has everything you need and nothing you don't so that you don't get tired of it as quickly as the other more flashy themes that are out there.

Thank you for sharing this. :) - Jan 23 2009
Clock Ring Screenlet

Conky by gruppler 18 comments

This is, by far, my favorite Screenlet. I wish that I had a clock like this for my wall!

I like being able to customize the colors and transparency as well as the size and space between the sections-- it really gives you so many options!

Thanks! :) - May 29 2008