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Bart Libert Geraardsbergen, Belgium
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Score 83.9%
Aug 26 2011
I really like this great theme, but I found two small annoyances:

1. In the script to change distro logos, these debian lines miss a space:
cp -r ../logos/debian[space missing here]../real_icons/apps/checkbox-gtk.svg
cp -r ../logos/debian[space missing here]../real_icons/places/distributor-logo.svg

2. For nero linux 4, the icon is called nerolinux instead of nero, so just an extra symlink could fix that one.

Just 2 small things to take the theme up to 11. - Jan 10 2010

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Score 76.7%
Jun 03 2009
I had the same problem, but was able to fix it by fixing the symbolic links indicated in this comment: - Apr 24 2009
Great theme, I really like it!
Only one thing I'd like to see changed: the icons for clear and delete are the same at the moment and in programs that use both it's difficult to know which is which (e.g. in LottaNzb delete is used to, well "delete" stuff, while clear is used to clear completed downloads) . - Mar 24 2009
elementary Icons

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Score 82.0%
Apr 09 2010
The new refresh icon looks nice, but could you include a smaller size icon too? Because now, when using Firefox 3, the "stop" and "reload" buttons are quite different in size when using "small icons" - May 05 2008
Elegant Brit

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Score 78.3%
Mar 16 2008
I've noticed a bug on Firefox 3 with the "Places" window (now called Library apparently).
The menu items in this window (Organize, Views, Import and Backup) are not visible until hovered.
However, adding this code to userChrome.css seems to fix it (not thoroughly tested though) :

#placesMenu > .menu-iconic
color: rgb(0%,0%,0%) !important;
#placesMenu > .menu-iconic:hover
color: #6c9eab !important;
} - Apr 16 2008

Usplash Themes 14 comments

Score 58.0%
Jan 21 2009
When the quiet option is off on boot, the extra info (loading files requiered to boot, etc.) is displayed on a (imho) rather ugly background. Any chance you could make a version with this text on a black background? - Aug 26 2007

Metacity Themes
by albyrock87

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Mar 04 2011
Any Color You Like

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by switzak

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Jan 01 2010

Full Icon Themes
by Scnd101

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Mar 28 2009

Metacity Themes
by albyrock87

Score 80.0%
9   Mar 04 2011