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Lara Maia São Paulo, Brazil

Cinnamon Themes by LaraSkav 3 comments

Hello friend,

1) A really like transparency. Would you like to remove entire theme transparency or something in particular? I can consider a new version of the theme without transparency.

2) Maximize and retore button is already on metacity. You are experiencing some problem?

3) This theme considers that the default menu applet or similar applet is placed to the left of the panel. The current applet, does not allow to calculate their size or their text size, so we can only "estimate" the size and hope it will work. Are you having a problem with the default menu applet (and text)? If not, the problem is in the custom menu applet. The custom menu applet must have the same margins of the standard menu. If you are using an applet that is not a menu, this is not supported.

Regards - Jan 29 2015