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Matthias Kr├╝ger , Germany
I think on this (huge) page ( ) are some distros which aren't in your list... - Jun 03 2007

Cliparts by meisok 3 comments

Could you please post a version with a seperated glass-reflection?

I think creating such cliparts would be much easier then:
1. put the the logo into the capsula
2. put the glass-reflection over the logo which's in (or on, what ever) the capsula.

As it is now, the reflection would be under the logo, if you do it like this. - Jun 03 2007
I really like this distro timeline! Greate work.

But IMO it would look a bit better, if there would be a little logo in front of each name (the debian spiral in front of "Debian" or the head with the hat in front of "Redhat"). - Jun 03 2007