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laurent ribon Sainte-Hélène, France

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Only one problem but a big One !
I don't understand Russian at all...

Thanks for your compliments.

- Feb 04 2010

Graphic Apps by laumaya 5 comments

Thanks JuryS,
I apologize about the problem with CreatePointDialog.h from GLC_lib 1.1 sample I made a big mistake... But, GLC_lib 1.1 is not the last released version of GLC_lib, the last release version is 1.2.0 and there is GLC_lib 2.0.0 Alpha 2 (Without samples yet).
If you need abolutely CreatePointDialog.h from GLC_lib 1.1 You can get it from the svn :

For the GLWidget and GLContext, it's a pure QT code wich use composition (class from glc_lib) absolutely not made from OpenCascade.

With GLC_lib 1.2.0 you have some simple examples that show you how to make it.

Or you can go to glc_lib forum :

Have Fun. - Feb 01 2010

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Sorry, update done. - Mar 08 2009